Monday, April 17, 2006

Fun Times...

I was in a funky mood today; I guess it's the Monday blues. In order to clear my mind, I sometimes let my thoughts flashback to some great memories. Well, today I thought about a time when a very good friend and I got the shit scared out of us. We were in our dorm room one night, and decided to hit the bong full of Mary Jane (something we did often in our dorm room). On this night, like any other night we did our preparation, opened the window a little to let the room breath (we lived on the first floor) and took a few hits.

As we began to elevate, I thought I saw someone staring at us from the outside of the window. My friend thought I was just tripping and we proceeded to enjoy our high. Around ten minutes later campus security, the dorm mother, and police came barging into our main suite. We freaked out at this point. We tried to put everything away and started to light some incense (as if the smell would magically disappear). Security knocked on everyone's door telling them to come out. Of course there was no where to hide. So they searched two rooms before ours and sure enough they identified the smell in our room.

I have to describe the way our room was decorated at the time. We had all kinds of photos and posters on the wall including a poster of Ghandi, Malcolm X, and a poster that had a man holding a bong that said "Hey At least It's Not Crack!"It was very diverse. So they come into our room and asked us to step out. At this point, I am scared out of my mind and I am high as a kite. All I could think about was them calling my parents and telling them I was being expelled from school for smoking marijuana in my dorm room. They began to question us about where the stuff came from. We gave them the impression that it was our first time and we were good students in school, I was currently participating in an internship program that was a big deal to my department and my friend was on the honor role. See, there are productive smokers in our society that function very normal on a daily basis.

After all the commotion, they ended up lecturing us about not buying it from strangers and to be careful. They went away and we didn't smoke in the dorm room again. We just found a new spot "Good Times!" Put Your Lighters Up!

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