Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Going Koo Koo for CoCo Puffs...

So I consider myself to be an intelligent woman. I have my head on straight and I know what I want out of life. So why do I sometimes play the "dumb" role when it comes to dating some men. I say dumb because I tolerate certain behaviors and characteristics when I know I can do much better. In general, after talking to some friends; we were all guilty of playing the fool at some point in our lives. I am sure must of us have been in a relationship/situation we knew wasn't good for us, yet we continued to stay. There are many reasons as to why we stay in those predicaments, from children, marriage, finances, etc.

However, from my friends and I perspective we are child free and had the chance to walk away at any time. I found myself tolerating some things because I was bored or lonely. I even thought I could perhaps change/influence them. But it puzzles me as to why smart women act dumb when it comes to a man. I wouldn't put my hand through a fire, because I know I will get burned. But I'll entertain a man that I know isn't treating me the way I deserve, because he makes a good accessory or is a good lay.

There comes a time when reality sets in and you finally listen to your gut and say NO MORE!. There's one phrase I heard Oprah use one day "When in doubt, say no". Today I am saying NO. The longer you stay in that situation the more you deplete your own self love. It's important to remember you were fine pre-him and definitely will be post-him. I now make it a point to not beat myself up emotionally over any choices I make. Life and this game call LOVE is all about trial and error. You continue to date and remain in the game until the right match comes along. No, it is currently not my top priority to find Mr. Man. But how would he ever have room to enter into my world, when the wrong man is cock blocking Its time to WISE up!

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