Sunday, April 30, 2006

Corporate Crap..

So on Friday I received my usual pay stub (of course I have direct deposit) from my boss and I noticed the envelope was a little thick. May 16, 2006 will mark my one year anniversary with my company. To commemorate the occasion I got a little letter signed by the CEO granting me an entire half day as my reward for my service and productivity. However, we must use this personal time within the month of our anniversary. I knew the letter was coming; a few of my coworkers received their letters on their anniversary day. The difference is we all get the same reward, 4 hours of personal time to ourselves regardless of how many years you've been with the company.

This is another reason why I think Corporate America is bullshit. You reward people who have dedicated their hard work on your behalf for over ten years and all you can give them is four hours of personal time. I suppose a full day would be too much? I already hate the fact that so many CEOs of various fortune 500 companies are walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars and the average Joe at the bottom of the totem pole pension plans and current job positions are in jeopardy (depending if job cuts are necessary). We work and slave at least 40 hours a week, some commuting hellish hours, neglecting families all for the main people in charge. The people you don't see on a regular basis. So I am wondering; Is my company expecting me to work hard for them for the next ten plus years? Sorry, they'll have to find another rat willing to run through their mazeĆ¢€¦

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Anonymous said...

I think getting 4 personal hours from your job thanking you for the hard work is a lot. I have just moved into the corporate world and have been impressed with the incentives that are given to their worker bees. I worked in an hourly position that gave absolutely no bonus or time off for your hard work. We were lucky to even get a $5 meal ticket and when it came to raise time, we were lucky to get 2%. So I would take those 4 hours of personal time and run away happily.

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