Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mr. Man..

Have you ever had that special male friend in your life? It's the only way I could think of to start this post about this guy, LOL. I met this guy through a mutual friend and it was a very innocent introduction. This was during my break from Southern during the summer. One day a group of us spent the entire day together. We hung out in the Marina took a boat ride, ate dinner at cool restaurant, and top the night at club. I noticed while hanging out with Mr. Man (that's what I'll call him) we had a crazy physical chemistry. Initially it was subtle flirtation here and there, but eventually our body language spoke much louder than any words we could say.

By the time we hit the club and after a few drinks Mr. Man and I got very close and physical. In the club we were hugged up and kissing as if we were the only two people in the room. And it really felt that way to me. I had never felt such a connection with a guy like this until Mr. Man came along. He and I decided we still wanted to hang out together after the club. So we went back to the boat and things took off. During this time when we're preparing to enjoy one another, the entire experience seemed surreal. I felt like I was having an outer body experience and watching two people make love like they had know each for years. There was so much desire and passion in the room.

Mr. Man was the first guy I had ever slept with and had only known for a couple of hours. I know this may seem like alarming behavior, but God must have been on my side. I say this because we didn't turn out to be a one night stand hook up, and I didn't end up feeling like a whore the next day for my actions. We're not happily married or even a couple today. But he's a very dear friend of mine to this day. Putting a title on us in my opinion would taint our relationship. He is the guy I go to when I want the truth from a male's perspective, he's the one I call when I am having a bad day, he's the one I turn to when others are tripping, and he's the one guy who's remain constant in my life for the past almost three years. I love Mr. Man like a brother, lover, and a friend.

We have an open relationship as far as other people being in our lives. And since he's not living in the same city as me currently, open door is the best policy. Besides, it gives us both the opportunity to see if he and I are truly meant to be. We both know what we want out of our significant other, because we appreciate what we have with each other. Some may wonder why not just go ahead and be together. But is that really the answer? He and I have the most perfect relationship I have ever had and we've never been a couple...

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