Thursday, March 16, 2006

My thoughts...

One the road to knowing I am now at a point where I am getting to know me. I can now honestly say I am now comfortable in my own skin. But it wasn't an easy road, especially with the media and its idea of beauty. Growing up I struggled with loving my own skin. You would have never known (at least I thought so) because I came off so vain and conceited. I wrapped myself in the essence of being the shit, and as a result I was a b**** and always talked about others to take the focus off myself. I didn't like my skin color (I'm a chocolate girl). I wanted to be lighter because that's what I saw on television. That's what all the boys liked. I have always been blessed with thick long hair, but growing up it was nothing but a pain in the ass for me getting it done. I wanted the kind of hair you could just wash and go (commonly referred to as "good hair").

It wasn't until late high school and definitely college when I became comfortable with what God gave me. What I've come to discover is, I am not alone with these issues. We try so hard to be something or someone we are not and get upset when the results don't turn out in our favor. We need to stop comparing ourselves to women we see on TV or print ads. Everyone has a flaw, no matter how perfect they may seem.

I like to use the examples of Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez (no disrespect to these women, they are beautiful in their own way). But think about it, Halle Berry a women by ALL standards is the definition of beauty. But she's been married twice and after her first marriage she admitted on Oprah that she wanted to commit suicide. You have one of the world's most beautiful people saying she wanted to kill herself. Her second husband cheated on her. I know men around the world wondered what he was thinking. But this goes to show all that glitters isn't gold.

Jennifer another beautiful woman by all standards. How many times has this woman been married? Why can't she seem to keep a man long enough (hopefully her and Marc will last forever). Again, I am not mentioning these women to poke fun at all. I just want females who look to celebrities as the poster child of beauty to know that, it's truly a quality that comes from within. When you are secure with self and love self, your beauty will speak for itself. As cliche as it sounds you should love the skin you're in.

I now embrace my coco skin and thick hair and consider it a blessing from God. I tell my friends and younger girls to pick your best physical feature(s) and flaunt that bad boy like you're a rock star!.LOVE YOURSELF!

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