Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Friday! Or should I say thank the good Lord it's Friday! Is it just me or does the days and the weeks seem to just roll by? It seems like only yesterday we were greeting people with holiday cheers and a happy new year.

Yes, time waits for no man. So this year part of my New Year's resolution is to become more financially literate, starting with my personal finances. I like many people have debt. Thank God my debt isn't too much or impossible to get back on track, but before I create more, I'd like to start spending and saving my money more wisely.

I am trying to get out of the Latte Factor. I have a bad habit of spending small amounts on random things on daily basis. Since I am a single girl and live alone, it's so easy and convenient to stop and get fast food on the way home or to work.

One day at work I was checking my account balance (something I now do everyday) and I noticed these charges for JITB. They kept appearing every few days, but they were like small amounts here and there. Maybe $3.00 or $5.00, but I had to call Bank of America because I wanted to know what the hell was JITB and why am I being charged these fees.

So I am talking to the customer service lady and I asked her could she explain the JITB charges to me. She was very polite, but she couldn't help but chuckle for a minute. She informs me that JITB stands for Jack In The Box. I couldn’t help but laugh, I was so embarrassed on some many levels. Why am I eating there so much, number one? But it was at that moment when I had to get my act together.LOL, damn JITB.

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