Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This Game Called Love....

So now I can sit here and say I know exactly what type of man I want (as most women may say), but the questions is do I really? So the ideal man would be like the following: tall, attractive, intelligent, great sense of humor, accomplished, ambitious, kind hearted, well rounded, mature, loves life, religious (but not self righteous), down to heart, and loves ME.

So some women may say what world am I living in or sign me up for that too. Then you have some who may find my list to be too specific or I am being too picky. Am I naive for wanting these qualities in a man? We are told to have faith and be optimistic about everything from God to our goals; but when it comes to men it's suggested to settle for the time being.

The problem is I have been settling and its nothing more than a waste of time and brain cells. Or should I be content with having a guy who's willing to wine and dine me for while, although inside I know I can do better? Yes, it's good to have someone to keep that other end of the bed warm, or even go on outings with. Never mind the fact that he can't articulate a sentence, has the worst manners, or thinks he's the greatest thing to you since sliced bread.

Yes, I have no problem attracting men, its weeding out the bulls*** that gets me. As I get older its less about the quantity and more about the quality. I'd rather remain single and make room for Mr. Right. I can pay for my own damn meals and hang out with my girls if I need company. Yes, I know I can't sleep with my girls. But is that night(s) of slight pleasure worth all the drama and stress of dealing with Mr. Wrong? I think not!...

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