Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's New?

So we're in the second month of the year. It seems like only yesterday we were saying happy New Year. So much has gone on but it feels like much more needs to be done. I have jump started a few new habits for 2011. The most important is probably getting financially fit. I am working with my mother's advisor and hoping to secure a stable future, so I can retire young and enjoy my life. I have a trainer I have been working with since last November. I swear as you get older, it's so damn easy to pick up the pounds and/or not be physically active. Food is my pitfall. But with focus, I will remain in control.

Perhaps, if I updated this blog more often it wouldn't feel so heavy to write what's been going on. This weather in Dallas is driving me crazy.I hate the winter because I am not a fan of snow. We had a bad snow storm last week (during superbowl) and I thought it would never end. Of course it could be worst and I could live in the midwest or northeast. I think we are all ready for the spring.

My cousin's mother is in the hospital in critical condition and it's not looking good. I can't imagine what they are going through. But then again, I lost my father and it still hurts like hell. I can't imagine not having my mother. She is my rock, my hero, and my buddy. I talk to her everyday, sometimes several times a day.

This is a post of me just rambling. But I promise to write more....

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