Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm not my hair, or am I?

Yesterday I went to the hair salon and decided to not wear a weave for the next few weeks. Since it's black history month, I guess figured I'll go natural,lol. Besides, my guy wanted me to wear my hair. I love weaves and it's a very addictive type of hair style. I primarily wear weaves because it gives my real hair a chance to growth and remain healthy. When you see how much hair I have, you would wonder why I even bother with a weave. But I say for one, don't assume every woman wearing extensions doesn't have hair of her own. I am very conservative with my hair selections. I don't wear loud colors,mainly because I work in corporate america and I don't want to alarm anymore,lol.

I do like the freedom of wearing very long hair or even different textures of hair. My next hair choice is going to be wavy. I think it'll be a good Spring/Summer hair do. The idea is you can wet, set, and go. We'll see what my coworkers and tenants have to say about my real hair. I wonder if some will even notice?

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