Saturday, December 06, 2008


I am now done with finals (there goes fall semester). I get the rest of the year off (all three weeks). Thank God!

So much as been happening on the corporate plantation. A few weeks ago I found out one of my brilliant managers is quitting (the white one). She felt she wasn’t making enough money for the work she was doing. Never mind the fact that she doesn’t have college degree or any real estate designation, so the fact that you are a property manager is a blessing. What’s better is I got this important info via the grapevine and not because she sat me down and explained her choice to leave. To be honest I am quite relieved, they were both annoying the hell out of me. Now one may think this is promotion time for me, not necessarily. For one, my lovely managers don’t have the best leadership skills, so I am not prepared enough to move up into her spot. But more importantly, I don’t want the position. To be honest property management isn’t where I want to remain within this industry. I would rather stay in my current role as assistant, focus on school, learn the technical skills required to move into asset management, and still be able to be active in extra curricular activities on campus.

I will not stress myself out over a job I have no passion or desire to be in, not to mention the pay is less than sufficient. So my company has spent the last two weeks unsuccessfully trying to find her replacement. I would say now they are experiencing a minor turnover phase, even though the job market sucks my company needs to get their shit together. Its amazing how companies/CEOs can let a company head towards the shit creek. At this point I am just laying low and doing me.

I also turned in my self-review on last Monday. The company asked that we do a self-evaluation of our job performance, which would then be done with our supervisors. So that means I will have two review sessions. I did ask that they did my job reviews separately. I was not going to let them tag team especially since I am the only one supporting two managers.

On another note: I love this time of year. I am so excited about spending time with My Guy. I love him more and more everyday. I am still trying to figure out how I want to spend our Christmas since I’ll be away. In addition to that, there’s New Years. I guess I am more excited about having him in my life.


Black Mamba said...

Now is not the time to be quitting a job...but if she thinks she can get higher pay without a degree, best of luck to her, lol...

I hate that self review b.s. My last job switched to doing that...thank gawd they laid me off prior to me having to fill it out because frankly, if I'm required to "assess" myself then I think I'm doing a damn good job and deserve a 20% raise, thank you very much! Hmph.

Good luck with your reviews! Hope you get a raise!!

eclectik said...

Look at you with a guy

Now find me a sexy laid back lady :)


PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

I sooo feel you on staying at a job, knowing you could do better but it works for you now as you pursue your long-term goals. You are a smart woman after my own heart. Money is a thing that will come with time, while positioning yourself to be READY when your real deal comes knocking, is priceless and worth waiting for. Hats off to you lady. Keep your head up on the plantation (know that this too shall pass) and enjoy a FABULOUS holiday with your Guy! Hugs!!!

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