Monday, November 03, 2008

Yeah, I know It's Been A Minute :)

I swear time flies in bloggerville. There’s absolutely way too much information to catch up on but I’ll write this post in a reflective tone.

Work Life:

It’s been officially confirmed that haters will always exist and will become even more apparent when you are on the verge of greatness. My two managers have banned together to attempt to bring me down. I find it rather amusing that they need to rub their limited brain cells together just to come up with ¼ of a plan to attempt to block my blessings. Have we not learned that no man is in control of anyone’s destiny? Their management style (or lack thereof) is draped in the theme of “DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO.” They gave me a bullshit “review” last week and everything they claim were areas I “needed to work on” was the exact shit they do on a daily basis.

It’s particularly hard to not get pissed off when leaders actually think this a proper way of leading. If I see you slacking off and not giving a damn, why the hell would I? The only reason this is not true as far as I am concern is because I care about my professionalism and work ethics.

They have both equally talked shit about me behind my back to anyone within office who will listen (mind you its only 4 people that may entertain this nonsense). Yet, I am expected to come to work everyday and pretend I don’t know your many faces. My biggest issue is the fact that these are grown ass women (one near 40 and the other is 30). In my opinion the time that is vested in “trying” to make my life hell, should be put to better use.

The bottom line is twiddle dee& dumb are upset because I don’t want to be a part of the “clique” any more; mainly because we have nothing in common at the end of the day. However, just because I don’t want to merge my personal life with yours doesn’t mean we can’t have a positive and productive working relationship. The fact of the matter is you’re hating because your lives are a freaking train wreck and rather then woman up and fix the problems in your life, you want to try and make my life hell (think again stupids). I swear it’s like high school around this camp. In the mean time, I will keep doing me (getting better) and I know this too shall pass very soon.

Love Life:

Is outstanding, this is my balance and sanity. It’s funny how difficult it is to have all aspects of your life panning out well (or is that even possible, lol). I met My Guy’s brother last week for the first time. This is my first family member meeting. I actually enjoyed meeting his brother. I was warned beforehand that he’s the type of guy you either love or hate. I must say I understand why, he’s an extremely blunt and straight to the point kind of guy. I can see how some maybe offended by his personality, but I love real and honest people and will take that any day.

My Guy’s birthday is on the 15th and I am still trying to figure out how I want to celebrate his day. He warned me not to go all out, and I won’t (hell I am on a budget). But I so want it to be special and I know special doesn’t mean expensive. He LOVES golf (like a crack head who loves crack). I think I want to buy us some tee time on a nice course and make him play golf with me, lol. So I am thinking dinner and me the evening of his bday (Saturday) and golf all day Sunday.

School Life:

I am digging my program. It’s funny how I am the “token” at my school’s department. I have photos plastered everywhere of me from the website, literature, and posters sized pictures hanging in the hallways. The only problem is they’re not asking for my approval and the photos suck, lol. But at any rate I am having a blast, and this is also an outlet for me to deal with my corporate plantation.


Hawa Bond said...

Thanks for the update. As a Black woman with 12+ years of experience in Corporate America (10+ years with my current company), I can tell you something... Lemme tell you this first:

I was trusted to evaluate applicants to the corporation. A woman came in and looked down her nose at me (as a young Black woman). I was told to go make her comfy before her interview. She underestimated me as a pee-on. The President and CEO asked me later "What do you think of her?" I recounted what happened before the interview. "She looked down her nose at me like I was common help." And you know what? The CEO said, "I just shredded her resume."

No matter how good you are, you're always up against a culture that existed before your arrival. As such, succeeding at the "political" game is just as important (or more) as the technical aspects of your job.

When you made the decision to socialize with a superior, you injected yourself into the politics. When you went to her superior to complain, you bent (possibly broke) the unspoken "rules of engagement."

Lasting long is an exercise in "paying your dues." Coexisting with coworkers is like an intricate dance. And once you dance long enough to become a "senior" participant, you'll enjoy intangible benefits that money can't buy. You can't avoid this process unless you own the company and hold all the power.

Hang in there sistah. If your game is tight, you'll make it just fine.

= = = = = =
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Hawa Bond said...

By the way, I'm ecstatic about your love life. I met the man of my life while he was crawling through the attic of my rental property wiring linked smoke detectors.

Meeting family is a big move. I don't care what anybody says.

Keep working it, girl!

Hawa, author of
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Blu Jewel said...

I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with Hawa's comment. While we may have earned the "skills on paper" and sometimes moreso than our superiors, we must still weed through the minutia in order to get where we need to be.

I have a B.A in Lang/Litt coupled with (at the time) 5-6 years of military experience, which could be factored into the positions I applied for when I got into my current industry. You know what? I ended up being hired as a receptionist. I wasn't happy about it, but it paid the bills and helped me take care of my daughter.

I set my sights on what other people were doing and convinced my supervisor that I could do what the next woman was doing. He gave me a chance and I proved myself and within 6 months, I'd moved from the reception desk to my own. I set my sights on what someone else was doing and within another 6 months, I was in charge of an entire project doing their administrative and documentation work. I also went on to be a lead and was responsible for 5 staff members.

Over time, I grew and grew and began to command the professional and financial rewards I not only deserved, but earned. Paying your dues is tantamount to gaining proper professional respect. I'm currently in a very good and somewhat high profile position and enjoy some rewards that many aren't afforded. (Flex schedule, travel, minimal supervision).

Continue to work hard, pay your dues, and even put up with some of the seemingly unncessary bullshit and drama. You'll earn and receive your rewards and you'll feel great about yourself for your endurance and tests of faith and character.

I'm so happy that your love life continues to be fulfilling and rewarding for you. May you have all the blessings love and happiness can bring to your life.


T.C. said...

i totally feel where you are coming from...but like hawa and blu said, we are still very young and fresh to the we have a lot to learn...

its all a learning experience and in time we'll get there...

i am also extremely happy that you and your love life!!!! its truly wonderful to see it blossom...

being a "token" at school will definitely be a work that out

wynsters the tigress said...

why must the learning process hurt so much though? i can't help but be emotional when dealing with the BS, which i am only slowly learning is a fact of many people's professional sad.

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