Friday, October 24, 2008

I started off this week (Monday to be exact) having a totally different vibe and energy. Sunday evening I was listening to T.I’s Swagger Like Us song and I was really feeling the overall message behind the lyrics. I took the hook a little further and thought to myself “Yes, they really don’t have swagger like us”. They is anyone who isn’t black, African American (whatever you want to call us, lol). I look at this year and who would have thought we would have a black man as a serious candidate to be our next president. I look at our successful business men and woman and think to myself, there was a time when we weren’t allowed the simple gift of having a formal education.

And look at us now, there’s still much more progress to be made on our end. But considering we are the most oppressed group of people in this country, we made a way out of no way. So for that reason “They really don’t have swagger like us”. I think about the baby steps I’ve taking towards accomplishing my goals and wonder what if I listened to or gave in to those who hated on me. How about being the first African American woman to receive a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship at my lily white, right wing private school.

So I ask; how have you demonstrated your awesome swagger? This post is about giving yourself props. I congratulate you!

P.S. the post about the drama will follow soon. Right now I am focusing on the way I intended to start this week off.


Hawa Bond said...

I'm celebrating 10-years with a woman-owned technology company. My boss and I used to be co-workers years ago. She started a business and said, "I'm coming back to get you." She kept that promise, and we're celebrating 10 years together tonite - dinner at a nice spot.

Her sister is a VP, and also forced to be designated driver so me and the CEO can "get our sip on."

Being the most senior employee of a technology company. Howz that for some sistah swagger? LOL

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PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Girl just working full-time and being a full-time student..always holding it and the good Lord! Bought my first house at 22 and never missed a mortgage payment. I think that's an accomplishment in itself. LOL! I just became a landlord and I’ve downsized my life to pursue my education and save more. It's hard for me to "pat myself on the back" because there are so many of us "getting it" and we all should be congratulated. YOU TOO!!

Hawa Bond said...

Dangit girl... it's November 3. Where the heck are you with the updated work drama? LOL

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Blu Jewel said...

Being the following:
an educated black woman with a B.A

a single parent with a healthy and productive relationship with her teenage HIGH Honor Roll daughter

a homeowner

gainfully employed

served 20 years in the military

overcame sexual abuse and recently breast cancer

those are things I'm proud of and gives me a lil swagger!


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