Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Other Woman In Me...

So this weekend I celebrated My Guy’s Birthday. I spent the last few weeks trying to figure out the “perfect” gift. Finally, yesterday afternoon it just came to me while I was picking up some items in a sex shops. I made plans already for dinner, which was for 8:00pm at a nice steakhouse (his favorite food). I knew I wanted to get some goodies from my favorite store, I just didn’t know what exactly. I ended up deciding to plan the ultimate seduction for dessert. I bought a nice stripper outfit; got some edible oils and I had the rest at my house.

It was during the time of my ‘performance” that inspired me to write this post. It’s funny how Monday through Sunday I'm “Ms. Confident” in every aspect of my daily life (even in the bedroom); but I noticed while putting on my outfit I was a bit nervous and overly self-conscious. Perhaps I wasn’t drunk enough which would have suppressed the insecurities. But overall, I found it interesting how my mind was working while preparing for my act.

Once I had the outfit on, I felt a little awkward. I wondered if my waistline was too out of wack for the skimpy dress. I wondered if I even looked sexy. I finally walked into the room where I had him stationed and it was his reaction, which gave me an instant boast of confidence. Part of my seduction was to do a little dance for him, and I did feel weird at first. But eventually I found myself escaping into this alter ego. This sex kitten, that knew she had it going on like any other top dollar dancer. Next thing I knew I was rolling on my floors (which are hardwood), arching my back, spreading my legs seductively, and totally in my own zone. It drove him crazy.

Side Note: he was tied up in a chair during my performance.

But the point is, I think we as women should embrace that sex pot (Lol). Again, I can throw down when it comes to sex. But I am still a little shy when it comes to the strip tease portion. However, it is something I look forward to conquering full throttle now that I have a preferred audience.


wynsters the tigress said...

well stated. i'm all for releasing our inner sexpots!!

Hawa Bond said...

Well d*mn, girl! If you tied him to a chair, I hope you gave him the cherry at the end of the stem before a (vanilla) brotha passed out. LMAO

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