Monday, June 09, 2008

So We’re Just Going to Make Shit Up??

Wow, where do I even begin with this post? Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worst. Okay pause for the cause….

Why was my day bad to begin with??
My car’s transmission went out Saturday evening and I had to tow my baby home courtesy of AAA. I had her towed again this morning to an auto clinic near my job and house to have her looked at (this was around 8:00am this morning). They ran a test and called me to give me the sad news. Her transmission needs to be replaced. I have a 01 Honda Accord with over 150,000 miles so I guess it was bound to happen soon. I will not get rid of this car because #1 I don’t have a car note, #2 it has sentimental value to me, and #3 I love my little Honda. So $1,850 later, my Monday couldn’t have started on a better note. The good news (if any) they provided me a loaner car and she’ll be ready on Wednesday.


Back to the main story; I met this guy a little over a week ago on a Saturday night at this bar. This was close to the end of the night (so I was pretty tipsy) when I started talking to this black guy at the bar. Initially it was just general conversation. Then he offered to take my friend and I out to breakfast. So I was game (I needed some food to sober me up). While we’re having breakfast he and my friend started having this intense conversation about life. They are both the same age (38) so a lot of what they were discussing truly didn’t apply to me just yet. So since I am tipsy as hell and enjoying my food; I let them two have their “discussion”. I really didn’t want to have a deep ass topic of conversation 9 drinks later at 4:30am.

So we exchange numbers after breakfast and part our separate ways. One thing I did gather from his conversations while eating; is he appears to have a chip on shoulder. I mean, my friend asked one question and it was the threshold to his confessions. I guess he needed someone to talk to, lol.

PAUSE: So I noticed he’s a little short (but I figured no big deal). He was dressed pretty decent; blazer and slacks. As we walked to the parking lot he had valet bring is nice Mercedes coupe. So I figured, okay he may have his shit together (a plus). He was also in town from Houston for the weekend.

The next day, we decided to spend the evening together, so I met him at another restaurant for dinner and drinks. It was hot as hell sitting outside so we decided to try another spot and chill out at the bar. So over a few round of drinks I get to know him better. The conversation this time around was very relaxed with a constant flow. I even introduced this guy to sushi (welcome to the millennium). So at 9:00pm we still weren’t quite ready to call it a night, so we went to another spot that had live karaoke.

We finally parted ways around 2:00am. I’ll admit I wasn’t love struck and it wasn’t even that much chemistry. So a week rolls by and I don’t hear from him. Honestly, I am not even tripping and haven’t given it much thought until today…

This fool decides to call me and “vent”. He starts off the conversation with “there are some things I didn’t mention”…. Now you know what that shit means. Long story short (at least I am trying to shorten it). This fool has NO job, was using his friend’s car, and thought now was the time to let me know (as if I give a damn). The only bad part is you lied and put on a show. After all of those many hours of talking on Sunday, you didn’t think it was cool to just come clean and tell the truth? So I let him go on about his life and ended the conversation by telling him; I am through not because you’re unemployed (damn) but because you withheld that information and pretended to be something you’re not.

Morale of the story: Don’t lie (especially when the shit doesn’t even matter)


Black Mamba said...

I just got rid of my 01 Accord (110k)...after all the old dead beat up cars I've had to drive, I REFUSE to put money into cars anymore. I love my new one, lol! Sorry your day started out with a hole in your wallet...

How lame of that guy to lie. Why not just come clean in the beginning and see where it goes? Sheeesh.

Anonymous said...

I miss my 01 Accord. It was white with 15 inch rims. Love that car. My engine started messing up in Sept04. I was hurt. It was either spend close to $2000 for a new engine or get another car. I got another car but I miss my Accord.

Dude is lame! WTF.

Moody Gemini said...

I think everyone has had a Honda! And we wall miss it when its gone.

I call what ole boy did the unnecessary lie. Did I ask for it? Are we really that deep? Unnecessary.

T.C. said...

i think i am the ONLY one who never had a honda and have been in a ford since i can remember...

that was extremely unnecessary and uncalled for...i can't do a liar i just really can' he gets the L7 for sure

T.C. said...
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Ms. Confessions said...

Black- This is my first major expense for my baby. Getting a new car just isn’t an option right now, I refuse to pay a car note. However, I may get a new car when I turn 30 next year. But I will not be trading in my baby ☺

As far as homie, NEXT…. Lol

Southern Gal- Yeah when it becomes a continuous issue with my car I’ll have to let her go. But for now…that’s my baby.

Moody Gem- LOL, everyone seems to roll a Honda. I agree with keeping that shit to yourself, not too mention I didn’t and still don’t give damn. I didn’t see us going past that weekend.

t.c.- LAME is the word for the day ☺

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