Friday, May 23, 2008

Proud Auntie

I don’t usually get too detail about my family, but this occasion is worth mentioning. My older brother finally got his baby boy. Bless his heart; my dear sweet brother wanted a boy like a human needs air to breathe. My brother and his wife now collectively have 5 kids. I was beginning to wonder if I even needed to have my own, LOL.

But little RJ is in the house and he will be forced to love the L.A. Lakers, because its tradition in my family, lol. I’m sure our father is looking down on us and very proud there's another male in our family to carry the name. Here’s my little nephew born May 15, 2008.


T.C. said...

he was born on my daddy's he is going to be a gem!

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Ohmigosh--he's soooo cute. He's such an adorable lil baby boy. Awww…. God bless him! And Congratulations Chica :) Smooches!!

Ms. Confessions said...

Thanks for the love. I am so excited about his arrival :)

PreciousGem-Head to Toe Quality said...

He is too cute for words. Congrats!

Blu Jewel said...

Aww! God bless him and your family.


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