Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blocked By "Blonde Becky": Momentarily

So the other night my buddy (aka boss) and I went out to this happy hour for my school’s real estate club. I wasn’t really into the crowd in attendance as much as I was into the venue for this happy hour. It was at a place called Nobu in and very high end/trendy section of Dallas. We arrived, took our places at the bar, and noticed the small amount of people hanging out. So we asked the bartender for a better spot, he happily suggested the Ritz Carlton Residence, which is about two blocks away. So we took a cab over there and was immediately impressed with the people.

We found two gentlemen at the bar and we started to engage in conversation. They happened to be established real estate developers, older (at least 55), and married. Our entire conversation was about the industry and just them giving us good advice; it wasn’t about them necessarily hitting on us or vice versa. However, it was obvious they appreciated our good company. During this intriguing conversation here comes a young blonde, skinny, with huge breast implants walking into the bar area; and immediately the gentlemen ceased all conversation. I mean seriously, they couldn’t even finish their sentence. So my friend and I looked at each other, like okay- can we move on?

One of the guys jokingly mentioned he’s a sucker for a blonde every time. I’ll admit she was very well put together. Not so much as beautiful, but it was obvious she had good taste by the choice of her attire. Not to sound vain, but I’ve never had a guy just stop talking to me and stare at another woman. I mentioned all of this not to mend my ego; but once again “Blonde Becky” will some how intercept my actions whether its professionally or and I guess now personally.

I guess this episode just made more aware of my competition when it comes to men, especially since I happily date all kinds of men….


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...we have to do something about "Blonde Becky" LOL!

Anonymous said...

the irony is that blonde becky will always be your competition...however, she will never consider you to be competition. Blonde ambition happens just by showing up. Why do you think Hillary Clinton (Blonde Bertha) is having an internal meltdown? Certain people in this world are just not use to having to compete for anything, as they feel they are simply entitled. Well, Blonde Becky's mother, Blonde Bertha, is getting her turn at having to fight for something...maybe Blonde Becky will one day too.

T.C. said...

i totally agree with anonymous...the clinton sega shows that now becky is learning that she isn't just entitled to something...there is a shift happening, slowly but surely its happening

Ms. Confessions said...

Nothing but the truth Anonymous & T.C.

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Nice post. It’s interesting how you bring this “blond Becky” subject up. I’ve heard people talk about this before, but never was interested enough to ask. So I’m asking: What is a “Becky?” Is she all looks and no brains? Spoiled? Trophy-chick? Please elaborate.

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