Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stuck N A Funk

Have you ever felt trapped or stuck in time and there’s absolutely no way to escape the circumstance or feeling?

As I watch the rainfall outside the library window, I wonder how long is this feeling going to last? If only this moment could pass by as fast as the cars are moving out on the street. If only life came with a remote control and you were able to fast-forward through all of the bullshit or even rewind when you want to reconnect with that moment.

The saying “this too shall pass” comes to mind and I wonder who thought of such rubbish. I understand the point but it isn’t something one wants to hear when they are deep into a slump. Don’t misunderstand what I am going through. I am not feeling depressed. I am just sick and tired of waiting to see what happens next. Perhaps, it’s my ultra instant gravitation syndrome kicking into high gear? Or maybe it’s the high level of anxiety I feel about my finale tomorrow?

I wish it wasn’t raining, I wish it wasn’t so damn cold, I wish Coop was here, I wish I didn’t have to interact with stupid people, and finally I wish Christmas would get here already (I wanna be with my family).

Okay I feel better ☺


Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

X-Mass will be here quicker than you think Gurl ;-)

Blu Jewel said...

I've been where you are and the best way to deal with it is to yield to what you feel, then let it go. Focus on what you want to do and how you can accomplish your goals.

I'm sure something good is right on the horizon.


MysTery said...

I feel you. Don't wait for things to happen make them happen!!
Hope you feel better soon!! :)

T.C. said...

i totally can relate and i agree with blu, just feel how you feel let yourself just be, and things will work themselves time they will...i know waiting sucks monkey's balls...but it will

The Love Group said...

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Of course, I will reciprocate.

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