Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can't Hurry Love...

They say patience is a virtue and I do believe this statement is very much true.

Its funny how I’ll acknowledge this as factual in every aspect of my life other than my recent infatuation with Mr. Client. I find myself being very aggressive as it pertains to jump starting any chance of a relationship with this guy. I didn’t know if it’s a cultural thing as far as taking your time on his part? Or am I just being a fast and hot ass momma?

I constantly wonder if Mr. Client even likes me in the same manner that I feel him. I find myself having to consult with a few friends on whether this possible relationship is simply a figment of my imagination. But they insist there are signs he likes me too. Looking back, I realized the small trinket items he’s givien me including the lovely jewelry box for my birthday shows some interest in his part. But we have yet to spend any alone time together. It’s usually during this time I can read a guy’s intention. To his defense I know he’s extremely busy when he comes into town.

It is for that very reason I am trying to stay in contact via email that way they next time he comes to Dallas he can fit me into his schedule. My friend’s also warned me about being patient and don’t come off too strong (again due to the cultural aspect). It may be unattractive for the woman to be the pursuer. But like anything when I see something I want, damn I am going to do whatever to get it.

So perhaps, I take a chill pill and wait and see how things develop. Why not try something new and out of the ordinary? I guess it’s not attractive to see a potential mate, beat him over the head with my love club, and drag him into my cave (LOL).


Jason said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking too much!

Anonymous said...

I say jump on him girl! lmao, jk!

Blu Jewel said...

I'm currently in a position where doing something out of the ordinary for me is a necessary action. I think that we set limits on ourselves by not considering alterantives and playing the "what if" game instead of just asking. From what I've read about Mr. Client, there does seem to be a genuine interest and maybe he's being skeptical because of his power visits. Maybe the email exchange can be a catalyst into forming a more personal relationship with him. There are few guarantees in life, so why not take a chance?!

I'm back to bloggin now!

B.m.W said...

Wow...I was in the exact same situation. It was a little offsetting that she laid it on so thick because I'd just moved to Chicago, and a new relationship was the last thing on my mind. Sooner than later, I caught feelings and my loner persona got the boot. This was at the exact same time she started to lose some interest because I didn't take the bait early on. All I can offer in terms of very recent (6 weeks ago) experience is to do just what you said, be patient. It'll all pan out soon enough. Best wishes.

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