Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What A Difference A Year Makes...

Today is my big day.
I’m officially one year older (28 years old) and feeling three years wiser.
For the last three years, I’ve made a promise to myself to never let 365 days go by without any personal growth and progression. This particular past year has felt like a decade with all that has happened both good and bad.

Initially I wasn’t too excited about my birthday coming up. But it occurred to me over the weekend how blessed I am to see another year. The obvious reasons got to me in the beginning, I’m freaking 28! Well, at least I look like I am turning 22, LOL. I’ll take the younger look along with my mature mentality.

In the last year a few things have happened to me:

I got better job in the industry I love, Oct. 06
I lost my father a day later Oct 06, still not at all over this.
I lost my great uncle whom I loved dearly in Feb 07.
I got a promotion and raise in May 07.
I gained the strength to let go of certain people in my life that needed to be gone, May 07.
I began my journey to obtaining my MBA in Jul 07.
I lost my little play brother (my little brother’s best friend) in Aug 07.
I am now 28, Sept. 07
I am going to my 10 high school reunion next week, Sept 07.

And it pleases me that I have a few more things waiting to manifest in 2007.

I am determined to make my new year count!


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday!! May this year be even better than the last!! Enjoy your day!

Joanne said...

I like how you keep track of it all like that. I think it's really important to be able to look back and make sure you're going in the direction you want to be going in!

Happy birthday =) I know you'll make it a good one!

T.C. said...

We only have this one life, so we need to ride it and live it until the wheels fall off...this life may not always be easy, but it aint that hard so let's just go for the what i always say...GREAT tracking system as well...I totally think I need to do some year reflection up til this point

Blu Jewel said...

Happy birthday and may your new year be filled with even more wonderful things than the last.

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