Monday, August 06, 2007

This is Test...

Perhaps all of the mishaps I’ve encountered the past four days are signs from God reminding me that I am NOT Superwoman, and there is a such thing as protocol when it comes to faith.

For the last year I’ve been very comfortable and lax with my religious practice. While I am not saying I will now read the Bible every night and attend church every Sunday; I do need to realize that there are ordered steps in this thing called LIFE. I am quick to set out my plans/goals and attempt to do what’s necessary to make things happen. I forget that NOTHING happens through us alone.

My wake up call started on Friday 8/3. I decided to get my clients some donuts that morning, which caused me to take a different route to work. While driving down a slightly busy street, I got freaking pulled over by a bored ass constable. It was a freaking trap waiting to happen. There were three cars lined up like a drive thru, who all got tickets. Well this little boo boo is costing $250.00 (I am still pissed off about it).

Today, I left work a little early to head to my evening class. I was on the freeway like any normal day when… BAM I hit a freaking car. STRAIGHT FREAKING REAR ENDED HER. So we pulled over and lucky for me:

1. Neither of us were hurt
2. She was actually a cool person

So we exchanged information. But she could tell I was so distraught over what happened. My freaking baby was all jacked up. The hood was completely bent up and the grill was murdered. Her truck (F150) was essentially scratched free. You may wonder how the hell did this happen? My freaking shoe heel got caught some where between my brake and car mat. I was trying to brake, but mission was unsucessful. The great thing also was my speed wasn’t that bad. There is no interior damage, but damn it.

I was able to drive my car, so she offered her mechanic. So I followed her about 7 miles in my car that looked like a freaking hoopty. My feelings are so hurt. Not only is my baby injured. But my Ego and wallet are in much pain now. I haven’t caused an accident since I was 16 years old. This year my driving record has been dragged through the mud. I don’t even want to think about my insurance premium now. (If they’ll still cover me)

I confess all of this because maybe I needed these things to happen to jolt me out of my comfort zone. Everything seemed too crystal clear in my world (almost perfect). I admit, I’ve had the worst curve ball (losing my father) but since that horrible day everything else seemed to fall into place too well. Sometimes, I need to remember to get on my knees and be grateful for the many blessings I have currently and it’s not all because of ME.

When it rains it pours, but when I’m receiving my blessings I’m soaked…


T.C. said...

you are right when it starts to rain it does in deed pour...but its all so that we can remember who is in total control and whose we actually are you know! There is no testimony without the test...

Joanne said...

What matters now is your reaction to it. Sometimes people chose to duck away and hide when it pours, but I believe you'll come out dancing in the rain.

The Mistress said...

Car accidents are the worst. So jarring! Oh I feel for you!!! Life was handing me a shit storm three months ago and I was depressed out of my mind so I know how it is to have one catastrophe after another.

They do pass though!!! :-)

Least you aren't feeling sorry for yourself. That only makes it worse!

j.a.c. said...

aww. ms. lady. i'm sorry that you had to go through all that back to back. i'm sorry that you had to go through it At All! last year i had 2 accidents in the span of 3 days and was convinced that i wasn't supposed to be on the road. i cried and told my mother (who was clear across the country) to take my lisence and everything.

you'll get through the storm. like you said, prayer and working in accord with those prayers are important. i wish you the best on clearing up those storms.

MysTery said...

I feel you all to well on that. And yes, God is just reminding you that He is there for you and will guide you through.

I am glad that you posted this. It should remind us all of how blessed we are. Stay blessed and strong.

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