Friday, July 06, 2007

The Self Proclaimed Whore Author

Karrine Steffans is nothing more than a skank who knows how to use Microsoft word. I’ve purposely neglected to mention her ever previously because after all there will be no promos from my blog on your behalf. But I do dedicate this post to you (I understand you may never see this, but I’ll pretend you’re a reader).

Initially, I was very indifferent when it came to her and her newfound profession as a writer. I respect any woman who’s accepted her flaws, learned from her mistakes, and is on the quest to living a better life. This is the exact persona she wanted to sell while promoting her first book.

Yes, I read Confessions of a Video Vixen in Barnes & Nobles. I took a few hours of my time one day and read 90% of the book in the store. After all, with all of the hype I had to hear what this chick had to say. But I wasn’t willing to go out purchase a copy (perhaps I’ll check it out from my local library to review it again).

Lately, she’s resurfaced in the news (blog gossip) lately. Promoting her lame site and the fact that her follow up book will be out soon. I did visit her site one day and on there she videotapes herself talking about nothing. She’s either bragging about her ride or who she fucked a few hours ago.

Now if you want us (readers/fans) to take you seriously and call you an accomplished author; then why are you taping yourself doing NOTHING productive as it pertains to your craft, other than more quests to jot down and publish? So would a better description of what you do go a little like; I’m a lady who enjoys fucking celebrities and writing a book about it?

As far as any man who continues to fuck with this broad, I ask why? Clearly, your health isn’t of value or your privacy. We all know she’ll rat you out for another million-dollar book deal. Remember, this is her hustle. But as long as she continues to fuck “high profile” men, she’ll maintain enough material to write bullshit books.

You’re not some profound writer. You’re a chick who likes to fuck and tell the entire world about it (one conquest at a time). Hopefully, there are not a lot of little girls in the world wanting to be like you…


Anonymous said...

This heffa is still hookin' and tellin'! SMH

Nic said...

She's TRASH!

Anonymous said...

What an empty-headed h*.

The Detective said...

Please don't tell me that she was discussing who she dicked down. Eww. Does she have nothing else to discuss besides her va-jay-jay?

Does anyone have the link to where Bobby Brown is supposedly sleeping on her couch?

A woman on the move said...

Southern Girl- My point exactly! Perhaps if I had no conscience or self respect- I too could fuck my brains out and write a book about it.

Nic- Best ONE word to describe her.

Detective- She was taunting the fact that she fucked Lil Wayne the previous night at this hotel in Miami.

The bobby video is on her site. Just go to tv- and click B.O.B.

The Human Resource said...

A walking human condom.

Women like her bring down the whole gender.

Anonymous said...

I'm still annoyed that so-called "better" media such as Essence and Oprah would give this chick the time of day. It's always hypocritical when they feature a clearly self-destructive, and immoral person, only to later become annoyed when rappers, white men, whomever make misogynistic comments about black women.

The Detective said...

After watching those simple video blogs, she comes off as a dumb broad. It's not like she didn't come off as foolish before, but she borderline disgusting. All this nonsense in front of her child. I am quite sure she's still out there..talking about she was willing to push the envelope further. Nasty

Ms. Confessions said...

Anonymous- Your words can never be more true!
I share the same view point. We have our own freaking double standards!

How do we win??

Detective- See all of that bullshit about “growing up, being a changed woman, wanna raise my son right” was to sell books.

Anyone, who buys her next book is just as retarded.

Who are her demographics/target audience?

Women 15 – 30
Loves to fuck high profile men
Aspires to be in Hollywood
Video girl
Low Self-esteem

T.C. said...

HELLO! didn't read the book, wasn't going to buy it...might take a day and read it like you did at Barnes

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