Sunday, July 08, 2007

Have NO Fear

a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Yesterday I hung out with some good friends and joined them at the World Series of Gamers that took place here in Dallas. They are both happy and self-titled “Computer Geeks”, and I love them.

Anywhoo, while at this event there were several big companies with huge displays/booths promoting new products and giving away cool prizes and promotional items.

There was a big booth for Intel promoting this video-editing program. Part of the excitement was you were able to record a 40 second commercial right there on the spot for the software. They had a huge green screen with numerous cameras ready to record you from every angle. All you had to do was stand on the mark, as soon as you hear the music begin dancing your heart out, and they recorded your “commercial” on a flash card for you to keep.

My friend’s husband was the first one of our bunch to go up there a do his thing. I must admit he looked pretty funny doing his break dancing. But I admired him for his courage to go out there and dance in front of whoever watched. Next up was my friend’s older sister who also took her niece (my friend’s little girl) up there and used the little girl more as a cushion for courage. My friend already said no to the idea.

But I really wanted to go up there, and record my own personal commercial. Yet, I was scared of getting out there having people watch me dance or worst look silly. My excuse was “ I needed a drink or be drunk.” It’s one thing to be out on a dance floor in a club (half or fully incoherent) doing your thing. But I was 100% sober and very much self-conscious.

We walked away and went on to other booths/exhibits, but I still had the desire to go up there. I knew once we’d left, I would have later wished I’d gone up there, did a little dance, and got my flashcard. So I said fuck it, and did my dance and now I have my flashcard that I will show to no one. LOL!!

My point is, NEVER let fear stop you from doing anything. For you smart assess I am talking about non self-destructive activities (of course). I laugh at fear in other aspects of my life, so I’m not sure why I was tripping so hard over this.

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