Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Keeping It Real...

I apologize if the following may seem rude or too harsh. But I’m cramping right now and I have an urgency to just release a few honest thoughts. I know it’s not nice to be blunt or frank, after all you may hurt someone’s feelings. But I say…Fuck You this is my place.

I don’t enjoy working for anyone other than myself (especially a bunch of people with no real purpose in life).

There are more dumb ass grown people in this world than there are smart ones.

I will not let the color of my skin or gender be a roadblock to my success.

I have a problem with relating or connecting with white women (Don’t put your insecurities on me).

I am emotionally detached from Mr. Godiva, yet I still sleep with and talk to him.

Since I am such a great catch, than why am I single regardless if I am looking or not? (you can never be too picky).

If you gave me $20k today, I would quit my job tomorrow (I can triple my money in a week if I didn’t waste brain cells at my corporate plantation).

I am over with “paying my dues”. Time to jump and see if I will fly.

Money + Power= Ruling the world

I saw a cop on the side of the road helping a frumpy white woman with her flat tire. Would he do the same for me?

I have no idea what type of man I want. However, I am absolutely sure of the type I don’t want (yes, you will have a job, formal education, honest living, and your own place).

I hate fucking periods. Damn you Eve!

My summers will be great once I am able to travel for the entire season. Perhaps then I will like Texas.

I cannot stand Texas. I hate you self righteous, prejudice, cowboy hat wearing, F150 driving, Bush loving, bar hopping assholes. (Everything may be big but don’t forget dumb Texas).

It is not cool for anyone’s goal in life to snag a “baller”. Get a clue gold digger!

I no longer watch the news as much as I use to. I don’t consider Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Britney Spears’ fuck ups news.


T.C. said...

HELLO! Tell us how you really feel...i mean my oh my how i can relate to so many of these items, including NOT watching the news...can't do it...really can't...

Anonymous said...


Paula D. said...

Haaaa @ the 'damn you Eve'!!!!! I know that's right!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, on the same cycle as far as the monthly threat to my balance, so I understand.

Mr. G comment- ride the tricycle until the wheels fall off.

You're a great catch probably b/c you are single and drama free. Some men can't handle a woman who does not have a myriad of issues because it means they would have no excuse not to commit (i.e. " I can't marry her because she's crazy as hell.")

Problem relating to white women- "well, like, yeah."

Money + Power = Oprah
Money + Power + White Male = Ruling the World, let's keep it real

beautyinbaltimore said...

"I have a problem with relating or connecting with white women (Don’t put your insecurities on me)."

Yea I hate to heat yt sit around and complain about their weight.

j.a.c. said...

As I sit here waiting for my ALEVE to kick in and curse Eve for her damn disobedience, I say... I FEEL YOU!!!

The Detective said...

I was just recently in the Dallas area and I must say, it's a bit "different".

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