Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is random…

This weekend will be my first Father’s day without my daddy. The great thing is I am heading to Vegas tomorrow to be with my immediate family. This trip just happened to fall on this weekend. My mother and little brother went to visit my dad’s mausoleum and he taped it. Not sure why I am posting this.

Anyway, enjoy your Fathers or any important male in your life.
Have a great weekend!

I love you daddy!!!


T.C. said...

my daddy is sick and so i definitely will enjoy him this father's day...i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and i am glad that you will be with close family and friends during this time

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Tell you mom I said hello. I know it will be difficult this time around so keep ya head up and remember he is still with you.

Blu Jewel said...

i just reconnected with my dad after being estranged for years and i wont be able to spend it with him, but i'm going to celebrate it spiritually.

i hope you will be able to enjoy him spiritually also and take solace in knowing that he'll always be a part of you.

i hope you and fam enjoy your time together.

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