Saturday, February 10, 2007

Black History Moment

Democrat Barack Obama announced today that he is running for the White House in 2008, evoking Abraham Lincoln's ability to unite a nation and promising to lead a new generation to "transform this nation." The first-term U.S. senator announced his candidacy from the state capital where he began his elective career just 10 years ago, and in front of the building where in another century, Lincoln served eight years in the Illinois Legislature.
Good to see a positive image of a black man in the news.


The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Wow, I hope he'll get a fair chance. Its good to see a black man trying to
do something positive. Everytime I visit this blog, it reminds me to watch the news and read a newspaper. Its good to know, I can always count on reading something relevante to politics in here. Keeps me well rounded. :)

Blu Jewel said...

I wish him well and he'll get my support. I love his positive image and attitude. He knows he's flawed, but makes up for that with his intelligence, devotion, and content of character.

Rethabile said...

Barack Obama isn't black, is he? I'm black and I'm married to a white woman, but our kids are certainly not black. They are of mixed heritage, mixed blood, zebras, there's no satisfactory appellation, but they aren't black. They definitely aren't white either.

I think by labelling Obama black, we're just continuing the racist belief that "one drop" of black blood makes the person black, as if black blood were dirty. No?

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