Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Year of the Rookies...

I try to reframe from posting a lot of things in regards to Entertainment (just because there are numerous sites to get that info from). But last night while watching the Golden Globe Awards I felt a few overwhelming feelings of happiness and inspiration from two actresses who won awards.

The first was Jennifer Hudson. This woman absolutely earned the respect from all of her peers in the industry after her excellent performance in Dreamgirls. She owned the movie (considering she wasn’t the BIG name on the promos).

The other breakout actress was America Ferrera for Ugly Betty.

Last night confirmed to me that there is an entire generation of talented young women in ALL industries waiting to take the lead and embark on our own legacies. I believe this year (2007) is the year for all of us “rookies” to show the world that we are ready to shine. I love that these two women have earned their awards based on true talent and also offer more diversity to what society calls beauty. For some reason last night gave me the extra kick I needed to continue on the path to being a better me. It’s time for us to come from under our nurturing wings and fly.

I dare you to dream!

I dare you to be the best!


Honey-Libra said...

I loved Jennifer in Dreamgirls and Ugly Betty has been a regular on my screen since the first night it came on....both women are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more from them

The Mistress said...

I was thrilled for both of them! I love award shows so I was glued to the TV last night!

And I've been catching up on your blog and it sounds like your relationship is going GREAT!

Yay! I'm happy for you...you deserve some JOY girl! :-)

j.a.c. said...

Yeah Jennifer!! I'm so proud of her. And America has been doing her thing for a while so it's about time...

Blu Jewel said...

agreed that it's nice to see "rookies" get their props and their dues. i hope people start to recognize true diversity AND talent

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