Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Age: Like a Fine Bottle of Wine

Who’s to say you can’t find love at any age? I’ll admit I’ve never really been intrigued with this subject matter until Mr. Godiva. If I were to define an age bracket for my comfort level it would probably be 27 to 35.

From the younger woman’s perspective there are many advantages to dating/being with a man older:
1. Generally woman mature faster so a man at least 5 years ahead may seem more on your level (mentally).
2. Experience is priceless when dealing with an older man. They have literally lived life (especially a man who’s ten plus years older).
3. I want a many who’s business savvy, and loves his line of work. When I am with a guy with this trait, I can’t help but stay on my ‘A” game.
4. Older men are usually more romantic and considerate. After all they come from the old fashion days.
5.The learning curve never really ends. There’s so much to learn from both parties in this type of relationship.

There are disadvantages to dealing with an older man:

1. The man is aging. So physically the body is going through “foreign” changes (I don’t know anything about menopause, thinning hair, or loosing your sex drive).
2. The older partner may naturally want to take the “nurturing” role. (I have only 1 mom and dad).
3. Current trends, fads, and mainstream is a part of life for anyone under 35. The older person may feel out of the loop. NEVER try to relive your youth through your younger mate (your time as past).

I took a look at a few famous couples who are currently in relationships and have big age gaps. The purpose isn’t to critique the soundness of the relationships, but I do find the age differences interesting.

15 years

12 years

At least 50 years

25 years

24 Years

16 years


T.C. said...

age, race, its all relative...a relationship is what you make it, what makes two people IN particular work WELL together...that's just my take on it...if the advantages FAR outweigh the disadvantages...then for yours!

Blu Jewel said...

Ditto what T.C said. Continue to explore, experience, and evolve lady; cause you only get to live this life once. Also, it sounds like your life have taken a positive change; may you continue to enjoy it. *smile*

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