Monday, October 16, 2006

Ni*** what? Ni*** who?

I had to take a moment from GMAT world to address and to discuss an issue.

What makes a man a MAN?
What makes a man a Player?

I had to take baby steps and look up a few words for clarification purposes.

1. an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman.
2. a male having qualities considered typical of men or appropriately masculine

1. a person or thing that plays.
2. Slang. a person engaged in illicit or illegal activity, esp. a pimp. (LOL)

I figure it’s safe to say every male over the age of 18 considers himself a MAN.

But are you really?
I can only offer a female’s perspective of what I consider a man to be, but I’m sure the few things I suggest can transcend all species.

So let’s go deeper…

What makes a man a man? (In my opinion)

1. He’s independent. Definition: not relying on another or others for aid or support i.e. drive your own shit.
2. Must have your own residence. (not relying on a woman in any capacity)No co-signers unless she’s your WIFE.
3. A valid line of work ( you should be paying taxes)
4. A provider (willing to take care of your family)
5. Stability (mentally, financially, etc)
6. Responsible i.e.: children, paying bills on time
7. Driven/ Ambitious (hard working)
8. Secure within himself (including sexually)
8. Not into game playing
9. Knows how to treat a woman (normally can refer to the way he treats his mother)

There’s obviously room for more suggestions/opinions.
Obviously the older you are the more crucial it is for you to have these attributes.
But really these qualities make any human an ADULT.

So what makes a man a PLAYER?

1. Getting women to pay his way.
2. The ability to handle multiple woman at the same time
3. The ability to make a woman do anything (manipulative)
4. Possessing material things
5. Not giving a fuck about a woman (easy come easy go)
6. Pulling different women at all times
7. Fucking many woman

But at what point does all of this become redundant?


Teej said...

Hmmmm this is great post! Can you see me doing the happy dance (it resembles the whop, but it's not) b/c in my humble opinion I meet all your qualifications of being a man?

The Mistress said...

Ms. Confessions, dropping knowledge AS USUAL!

Preach on sista.

This post was THE TRUTH!!!! Whoo.

Loved it.

BluJewel said...

Agree with spoke the truth girl. The sad part is that many sisters want a MAN, but still choose the Player. WTF? Hopefully, they'll see the light soon enough.

T.C. said...

There is a definite difference...I would even say that the difference goes as far as the difference between a man and a male (I know I know I have said this before but that's the real) I really appreciate the conversation though...makes me want to do a post on the difference between a woman and a female (or a woo woo) because there is a difference....we are women doing our thing...but many times men come at us like females, and when we let them know its not going down like that, I will be respected because that's how I carry it, then I am (we) a bitch....feel me? I know I went all the way on the other side...but you do that...make me think I love it!

BrillD said...

Hey Sis. You're entitled to your
own opinion. I've got a problem
with women deciding what
constitutes being a man. Men
who don't know any better turn
into puppets trying to live up to
whatever definition that particular
woman has outlined. To me that's

All a female has to do is wake
up in the morning and she's
considered a woman. I'm a man
because I know I'm a man. I live
by my own rules. Take care.

T.C. said...

I would have to disagree with you brilld....females don't just wake up and are can be many things...a woman, a whore, a woo woo, a bitch, a broad...any number of things....and NOT just a woman...a woman is defined by her own rules as well as her actions...just like with a man...i know its not easy to be a man, but it surely ain't easy being a woman can't fight our battles and we can't fight yours, but what we need to do is respect that there are battles out here to be won...but that's just my take on it

A woman on the move said...

@Teej- That’s reassuring! I see you doing your dance...LOL

@Mistress- LOL! Collaborating on a blog would be killa. I don’t think they’re ready! LOL

@Blu- You’re right! Even scarier is the fact that some females can’t distinguish the difference between the two.

@T.C.- Hey girl! This whole game of dating and mating is a trip. You would think as we get older, people will get wiser. But some just NEVER get it…

@BrillD- I’ll let that comment slide, since we already squared away our differences. LOL
I’ll be the first to say; it’s an earned privilege to be called a MAN or a WOMAN. Just like a driver’s license. Just because you’re old enough doesn’t entitle you to the right.

Like I said in this post. All the characteristics I mentioned really define an Adult between both genders.

Newy said...

Great Post! You are on it!

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