Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's Important in Maintaining a Good Relationship?

Honesty with your mate
Open communication
Physical attraction
Good sex
Accepting your mate for who they are
Wanting similar things out of life
Mutual respect for your mate

Picking your battles...


shereejoi said...

Definetly trust w/out it the relationship is nothing. I had a problem with trust because I had been hurt numerous of times, it tore me up because my mind was always wondering. If he didn't answer the phone or call me back in a timely manner I'm like WTF is he doing? It drove me crazy, so w/out trust it is nothing. Open communication is also important, each other needs to know if something is bothering them or whatever. Once again I had a problem with communicating, I kept alot of things bottled up inside and that isn't good at all.

Views of Diversified Mind said...

I haven't been here in a while and decided to stop by and see what was up. I believe all of those attributes are good things to know and abide by in maintaining a good and healthy relationship. Good lookin out on posting that because believe it or not...some have NO idea.

JoJo D. said...

Preach, Pastor. And let the choir say "Amen". And being able to stand up for yourself in the relationship and being able to say: "No, I don't want you doing such and such because it hurts me when you do it..." If your mate loves you, then he/she should be able to understand your feelings and not do the thing(s) that hurt you.

Good post.

A woman on the move said...

@ shereejoi- I’ve been there many of times. Looking back it doesn’t make much sense to love a person or be in love with a person when you can’t trust them. They almost contradict themselves (the two feelings).

You’re right about communication, I can’t fix or work on any problem I am not made aware of…

@Views- Thanks for stopping by again! It’s just my opinion on what I know will work for me. Granted I am single currently, but it’s because we forget about these important attributes that people end up in dysfunctional relationships…

@JoJo- You’re right!! It really is that simple, yet we swear up and down it’s hard.

Your mate should be elevating you. As the years roll by, there should be progression or moving forward. You shouldn’t be in the same place year after year.

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