Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Hero...

I have a very close relationship with my mother. I admire her as a woman. She’s highly intelligent, beautiful, sassy, well-liked and accomplished. Since moving to Dallas, we’ve grown even closer. I talk to her just about everyday. And I am excited that she and I are going to New York for our birthdays next month. This is actually my first time visiting the big apple.

I arrive in NY at 6:35pm on United, Sept. 21st. I signed up for a shuttle from LaGuardia airport to Hotel.Grand Hyatt New York on Park Ave at Grand Central. I leave Sept 24th at 4pm. You can get the tickets for Color Purple on Friday. We can look for a place to have dinner Thursday night and decide what we want to do Sat. I’m getting excited!!

Actually I am going to buy the tickets on the 15th. We should still have the same seating area. I have been searching that date for like a month and keep getting the same results…

I am excited. That just cheered me up, although nothing happened. Just that afternoon dragging feeling.

Mother: I just spoke to ____ and told her about the trip. I was letting her know that I would not be joining them for the Vegas trip if they had planned to go. Anyway,now she sounds interested. She said she has never been to New York and always wanted to go. She is suppose to let me know by Friday if she is going to join us.

Me: Okay, I could have sworn she was like “NO WE’RE NOT GOING TO NEW YORK”. I wanted this to be a trip for us two

Mother: I know. I was surprised she even expressed any interest after the way she responded to you.

Me: Maybe you shouldn’t talk so much

Mother: I guess. However,you had included ___ initially, and hadn’t discussed it with me. Hmmmm.

Me: Stop making up stuff….I told you change of plan, LOL

Mother: Yes but before you changed plans,you hadn’t mentioned including ___.

Me: You just want your buddy to come…LOL

Mother: I only mentioned it to her because of the way you said she responded to you. Supposedly, that trip wouldn’t happen. I was letting her know she was wrong. Who knew she would jump on the bandwagon.

Me: I waana be like you when I grow up
You’re sneaky with your under cut jabs…. I love it

Mother: I think that is a compliment. Take Care and Have a Good Evening, LOL.. Mom


G. Mo said...

The Color Purple was incredible!!!! I went to NYC back in April to see it. Not sure what site you're using to try and get tickets, but this one has the best selection.

enjoy your trip!!!!

A woman on the move said...

@G-MO- Thanks for kind wishes!

Yes, that is the site I’ve used to research the tickets. I am extremely excited about seeing that play.

The Mistress said...

I feel the same way about my mom. She's stunning and brilliant. We are very lucky not to have those "testy" ass mother-daughter relationships aren't we? I can't count my blessings enough on the parent situation. I'm pretty blessed and it sounds like you are as well.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i would love to take wifey to new york for the "color purple" play...hmm that sounds like a nice romantic getaway....

A woman on the move said...

@The Mistress- Yes, I count my lucky stars everyday for having such an awesome mom. She’s truly my voice of reason. Don’t get me wrong my father is great too! But of course nothing beats a great mother & daughter relationship.

@Fred Sanford- Love the name! I think you should take your wife to NY and see that play. I think every black person should see that play. I am truly too excited about this trip! I swear the month of August is going to take forever to pass, LOL. Hurry September!!!

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