Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Fulfilling Weekend Doing Nothing…

On Saturday I stayed in the house and played the role of couch potato. There were a few chores I needed to do, but I decided the most I would do on this Saturday was wash my ass, watch my $80/ month cable television, and cook a meal (something I hardly do).

On Sunday, I assumed my usual position on the couch and read a book my psychologist recommenced, How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life. I’ve had the book for almost a week and this is the first time I seriously read through the book. One of the demons I am trying to tackle is procrastination. I am only on page 67 out of 157, but I've already identified:
What are My Lifetime Goals?
How Would I Like to Spend the Next Three Years?
If I knew now I would be struck dead by lightening six months from today, how would I live until then?

I now have focus and some sense of clarity. After answering the questions, the author asks you to rank the priority of your goals and then develop a list of activities that help you accomplish your prioritized goals. Once I was armed with my list. I felt a need to get off my lazy ass and do my weekly chores. My small garden in my patio looks like a mini rain forest/jungle. (I am being forced to develop a green thumb). I finally pulled out the weeds (and not the good kind). I cleaned my house, washed some clothes and prepare my seven day goal activity list. I suppose I am now ready to return to rat race capital on the overly enthusiastic Monday...

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