Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Love Men…

Ms. Confessions loves….

Men who are about something, nothing is more sexy than a man who has some goals and ambition

Men who are in shape or at least gives a damn about their body

Men who are older than me (Don’t think Anna Nicole on me)

Men who are tall and athletic (but I’ve had a thing for a few men who were shorter)

Men who are sincere and honest

Men who are well groomed

Men who are confident and comfortable in their own skin

Men who aren’t afraid to be themselves

Men who are supportive of my dreams and goals

Men who are hardworking

Men who are GREEEAAT in bed (Tony the Tiger)

Men who appreciates a woman’s inner beauty

Men who are not superficial

Men who are not insecure

Men with big d***s

Men who are highly intelligent

Men who are writers/poets( love a man who can express himself on paper)

Men who are responsible fathers

Men who understand and practice the art of p***** eating

Men in suits (I’ll melt on the spot)

Men who can manage their money

Men who love to pamper a woman

Men who love sports

Men who wear uniforms

Men who enjoy cooking

Men who are spontaneous and open minded

Men who can have stimulating conversations with me

Men who are great kissers

Men who can be romantic (not corny)

Men willing to spoil a deserving woman

Men who will watch Sex and the City with me

Men who want to have a family

Men who play video games

Men who will let me have my way (I got you baby!)

Men who can teach me something

*side note: Credit is due to

  • Eclectik
  • for the inspiration on these two topics*


    Malinda said...

    Who can engage you in stimulating conversation.

    Who doesn't have a very big dick but knows how to work it.

    Who isn't afraid to try new things.

    Who loves to travel.

    Who watches something other than BET.

    eclectik said...

    THIS is more like it! :)

    And thanks for the credit :) need to be on the messageboard too!

    Hi Malinda

    The Blog
    The Messageboard


    shereejoi said...

    who are clean & smell good.
    who are considerate.
    who aren't afraid of commitment.
    who are unselfish.
    who are sexy.
    who can work that tongue.
    who are respectful & responsible.
    who takes care of their child.

    Teej said...

    This is good shit......

    Knockout Zed said...

    I'm all that except I don't play video games or watch that fuckin' Sex In The City!


    BrillD said...

    Hey Sis. Based on this list , I'm
    your ideal man (laugh). I'm just
    playin'. But a lot of these points
    do apply to me. Seriously. I still
    find it difficult to locate a
    compatible woman.

    The Mistress said...

    Awesome list...add "Men who like animals" and "Men who take care of their feet" to this and I'm SOLD! LOL.

    TTD said...

    im liking the list!

    A woman on the move said...

    @Malinda- Co-sign on your thoughts. A few of those I listed. But I we can all agree at this point, LOL

    @eclectik- To the man who gave me the idea of dedicating a few posts to the qualities I like and dislike in a man.

    We’ll see about the message board…LOL

    @shereejoi – I feel you girl!!!

    @Teej – Thanks! I had to show both sides of the coin. The good and the bad,LOL.

    @Knockout Zed – You’re no fun!
    Was looking forward to kicking your ass in Madden...LOL

    @BrillD said... I see you Brill. There are plenty of us out there.

    @The Mistress – I was looking forward to your impute!

    I think this post is the best Single Female Looking for a Great Male ad…

    Here’s what I need: LOL

    A woman on the move said...

    @ttd- Thanks!
    Now where is he?

    T.C. said...

    I think I know more of what I don't like than what I all have sparked me to really think about this and make a list

    DivineLavender said...

    oooo...ooohhh, can I add something too!

    I love men whom are hungry for some Me. with clean fingers and clean nails with moistured hands and knee caps. that watch me with another women that love your list!

    DP said... be loved.

    eclectik said...

    Play Madden with me

    I can get my Carrie Bradshaw on with the best of them

    LOL@ funky spunk

    beautyinbaltimore said...

    There is nothing better than a man who can eat the pussy right. I sell an arm for a man that can eat it so well he has me thinking I'm having a stroke.

    beautyinbaltimore said...

    A man with a good body is nice too. Why spend so much on a car but put any ole .99 cent garbage in your body.

    wynsters the tigress said...

    a list like this could go on forever...i will borrow this for a post today!

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