Monday, July 24, 2006

This Devil Wears Wal-Mart...

It’s another beautiful morning here in Corporate America, where the worker bees are coming into the office with the Monday blues look on their faces. Well I’ll admit I too had the blues. My blues stem from the aggravation of working under a moron. But I am always grateful I have a decent job!

Exhibit A:

It never seems to fail any time there’s a mass email sent from someone in our corporate office to all employees, this woman assumes I don’t receive the emails and ALWAYS forwards me the information. Here’s an email from last week.

To: All Properties

Hello all,
Please advise, in order to effectively use the Reporting feature of Sprocket, you MUST put the TENANT's name in the Reported By field.

Not all of the tenants choose to log into Sprocket and report their requests. Many tenants still like to call the mgmt. office and tell them the problem. It is very important that the Mgr. or Admin who takes the call CHANGES the name in the REPORTED BY field FROM their own name TO the name of the tenant.

If the Reported By field is not changed to the Tenant then reporting is practically useless.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Manager of Information Technology

What I got from her this morning:

In case you did not get this email from Tom. We need to start doing this from here forward.


Ms. Devil
Property Manager

Exhibit B

The following is an email correspondence from another colleague of mine from another property who looks like me and also has a special person as her manager. I did find some comfort in knowing I am not the only one dealing with this bullshit. But I question upper management for hiring their incompetent homies in managerial positions.

Me: Good Morning!

Colleague: Good morning, how was you weekend?

Me: I had a good one! How about you?

Colleague: Girl same here

Colleague: My son starts his swimming lessons tonight, this is going to be interesting. It’s funny how Jeff will ask me something about my kids and she jumps in the conversation and just talks to him, like he never asked me anything.

Me: Oh my God! You know I am so GLAD I am not the only one going through this s***. I swear I thought it was me, how funny two rude morons in supervising positions for the same company. I wonder how many more exist? LOL

I have never been around such a rude a*** woman. No excuse me! Just starts cutting in, like my conversation is always irrelevant.

Colleague: I really think they feel that way, then too when you’re self absorbed you don’t care about anyone but yourself, or you tend to think certain people are beneath you.

Me: I was just talking to Calvin. And guess who interrupts my conversation? Like clockwork. In fact, I had to just laugh out loud.

Colleague: It never fails, first of all I think they either don’t want to be left out or they feel their comments or opinions is all that matters. But yet you don’t think I’m smart enough to stuff envelope and when I tell you I have done this before you get upset and ask if it was windowed envelope and I still tell you yes. I have been an admin for a long time, I know the routine.

Me: How am I supposed to maintain?

Colleague: Girl, this is when prayer is needed. I have went in the bathroom a few times and talked to him

Colleague: I got this email from her this morning…


Don’t forget to attach the cleanable square footage report to the cleaning invoice. Would you print and fax to Dan? Thanks.

Colleague: I can’t even get addressed in the email, now I don’t have a name, I really have a problem with this, this is all the time.

Me: Well “N’ I am too busy to type out your name. Oh my pet name is Girlie or Chickie.
Never once was I asked if that’s okay, I’ll just assume you want a nickname from me. So how about I call you a name…. LOL

Colleague: LOL…..that’s how I feel, I’m going to start addressing her email the same way. Just think it’s going to be greater later!!!

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