Thursday, July 06, 2006

I love my job...

This is the final time I will talk about this issue. Work today has been extremely stressful and emotional and the funny thing it’s only 2:00pm. Once again this woman has single handedly tried to blame me for any and all mistakes and issues. It started off this morning with her having a conversation about me with our chief building engineer behind my back (at least so she thought). Come to find out there was an error on a tenant memo I drifted in regards to our office being closed on the 4th of July but the building was still going to be open and running during normal business hours.

Well evidently, the building was locked and our security guards were under the impression it was suppose to be as per their conversation with my boss. Well she looked at the memo again that I wrote and decided I made the error and I am never to write tenant memos again. My only problem with that is I had two different sets of eyes proof the memo before I made 50 copies to be distributed. She read the memo and so did our chief building engineer. And NO ONE corrected that sentence. But who gets blamed for the error? Me of course! Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s worst when you blame someone else for your oversight. And then not even bring the incident up to me in person.

Incident # 2 my manger calls me to her office and asked me “Why did I back out a charge in ____tenant ledger?” I didn’t know what she was talking about at first. I looked puzzled because I knew I didn’t do it or at least. Then she says “Well you had to have done it. Because it’s your login number under the transaction. Or did someone just use your computer and did it?” (Mind you it’s only the two of us in the office at all times. I left her office and started doing my own investigation. I called our corporate office and spoke to the guy in charge of our accounting issues. I asked him to look up the transaction and tell me who created the charges, because I knew I didn’t. Come to find out some how our software did it on its own. I asked him to tell my boss, because I am being blamed for the error. He leaves her a voicemail because she stepped out of the office.

Once she returned she went to her office and listened to her messages. I decided to go to the restroom and give her time to get her story straight. I come back and sit at my desk. She then gets off the phone, and yells from her office “I didn’t say there was an issue with the wire transfer!” I replied “Excuse Me” and decided not to keep yelling like her ass and walked into her office. I told her that I didn’t discuss any wire transfer, I asked about the transaction you accused me of. I told her I didn’t need to lie about anything and everyone makes mistakes and if I made one I would have told her; especially if its something that has to due with any tenant’s money.

My issue is never once did you ask if I created the credit in their account. You asked me "why did I do it?” That tells me that you are accusing me of something. I was glad I took the opportunity to clear me name and even address her ass. Rather than say I am sorry or my bad at this point, once it was clear there was a software issue. She is on a pursuit to prove me wrong. I have never met a woman so irrational and retarded in my life. This incident happened around 10:30 this morning. I had lunch with my co-worker at another building so we could both vent. She’s having her own issues. But that’s what happens when you're the only two black women working a company. They’re always on a quest to make us seem incompetent or dumb.

By the way my manger just came by my desk to start chit chatting with me, like shit never went down this morning. I swear she’s fucking crazy…

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