Sunday, April 09, 2006

Giggety Giggety Goo..

Yes, from the hit TV show the Family Guy. Glenn Quagmire he's the pervert on the family guy, the guy who's always trying to seduce women. Well I met my real life Glenn, in fact my friend and I always referred to him as Giggety Giggety. He was an older white man who had a side obsession for black women. I met him through a strange yet amusing black older man (whom I will refer to in a later post). He was in his 60's and loved my 20's.

I was first introduced to him as a business contact. He appeared to be well connected and appeared resourceful. But eventually our business meetings became excuses for him to indirectly date me, which annoyed the hell out of me.. He would offer to help with bills (I can't believe I passed on the gesture). I am truly a changed woman (LOL). But I had to remind myself that nothing is free and I would never give a man that type of control or the opportunity to hold that over my head ever again. I was even offered a nice get-a-way. Sure I needed and could use a good vacation; but that would mean I would have to not only share a bed, have sex, but more importantly spend my time with him. This all falls back to how much are you worth?

Giggety Giggety was an old horny man looking to have sex with his Nubian Queen. But he humored and distracted me by pretending to want to have a business relationship. No I can't say I was 100% blinded by the fact. Like he did, I had my own agenda. My reasoning for even continuing to talk to him regardless of his weak come-ons; was to see how much of a resource he was to me. Since he put it out (in his own little way) what he wanted from me, I had to at least see what he could offer me. But in the end the only main offer on his side was his penis and a good time.

We could have eliminated the past wasted 6 months if he would have came right out during week one and said I am interest in paying or compensating you for your time and efforts.
And of course I would have said no (smile)

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simply STAR said...

You are my inspiration. Can't say that I will be checking in as often as you but I'm sure that you will enjoy reading mine as much as I enjoy reading yours. Here's to adding spice to your life and you adding evolution to mine.

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