Saturday, March 25, 2006

Life In the Race..

If only life could be like the good old days in college. My friends and I were so carefree. My biggest concerns were just attending my classes on a regular basis, what party did I want to go to, and what kind of food was being served in the cafeteria on campus. But life isn’t so simple for me anymore. I am now a working citizen. I drive the weekly traffic rush with a bunch of people stuck in their ruts dashing off to their 9 to 5s. My morning commute resembles everything of a track race. But my question is where is the finish line? Who wins the race?

What I wasn’t prepared for once I made the transition from classroom to boardroom was how bitter and unhappy most adults are in America. I have never seen so many people with no drive or ambition. Most of these people are content with their current living situations because they believe this all life has to offer. I am often referred to by these very same people as being young and naive. But does being happy and optimistic really makes me immature. I am constantly dealing with the poster childs of Contentment reminding me to always think big and believe in myself and a better way.

What do you tell a recent graduate from college full of hope and aspiration to make a difference in this world? I say be prepared to deal with people who will not share that same level of hope. In fact, they will try to discourage you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Life in the race isn’t a piece of cake. For instant, I have a boss who’s probably the most bitter and unhappy woman I have ever met. She’s extremely insecure and threatened by my presence. I assume it is due to the fact that I get along well with everyone and I also hold a degree and a real estate license. Instead of taking me under her wing and looking at me as a young woman eager to learned all that she and my company has to offer; she tries to belittle me. How does one tell their boss they’re a rude, retarded, insecure, self- absorbed, condescending, pathetic asshole without getting fired? This is my solution to my problems; I will air my pain to the world. I am writing this to inspire the new rookies of the race to stay focus and keep your eyes on the prize. It is important to not be afraid of change. If you’re boss is unbearable you are always in a position to move on to the next best thing life has to offer you.

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