Friday, May 25, 2012

Engagment Party...

What a difference a week makes! Just this time last week I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off prepping for our Engagement Party. The big day was May 19th and it was an amazing event. I must say I admire all event planners and have absolutely NO desire to change my professional aspirations. My mother, brother and his wife flew into Dallas to join us in the festivities. My mother arrived last Wednesday evening and I had a heavy itinerary from the moment she came into town. I wanted to go dress shopping with her since I don’t have that luxury on a daily basis. I found my dress!!! The dress isn’t what I initially envisioned for myself. In fact, we went to a small bridal boutique and the owner happened to be a wedding dress designer. I didn’t pick one of her dresses but she has an eye to pick out exactly what looks great on me. Back to the engagement party, it was held at a restaurant and we had about 50 people there. I wanted to include our close friends and loved ones. Everyone had a great time and the pictures were amazing. This event was the official kick off for operation October Vegas Wedding. We’re so excited yet there’s still so much to do. Next assignment is the wedding invitation and bridesmaids dresses. Here’s a photo of our sweet treat table. I wanted a small candy bar. Our wedding color scheme is shades of purple with a splash of red ☺

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Pretty J said...

I'm loving the candy table!!!!!!!!

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