Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're Not Sexing The Same???

Love is such a wonderful yet interesting experience. In fact, I am overwhelmed with the joy my heart feels when I think of my relationship with My Guy. Last night (inauguration day) My Guy and I spent the evening together. Part of our routine is to have “pillow talk” before we have sex and go to sleep. It’s usually during this time we have a heart to heart conversation while professing our love for one another.

He took the opportunity to explain to me some of his emotions and feelings. One thing he told me that inspired this post was the fact that the last few times we’ve made love, he’s cum while I was riding him. I hadn’t really noticed that the last few times ended that way, but he explained that he’s now at a deeper emotional level with me. Meaning its more intimate and personal to be sexual in the missionary or riding position versus doggy style (makes sense).

All of our encounters have been meaningful, but when he told me this I wasn’t at all offended by his confession. He told me we’re way pass the “I love sexing this girl” phase, but rather I love her and its deeper than our sex. Its funny how he often tells me its not about our sex and we don’t always have to do it. But there has yet to be a time when we’ve been together and didn’t have sex. To me, when I have sex with him it’s my way of expressing my love. I feel this level of connection when we’re intimate. It’s our chemistry and emotions that makes our sex so great.

Sex is very much an element of our relationship I don’t want to change, but also even more important is the love I have for this man. It’s incredible to be loved and to love someone. My heart and soul glows even as I write this post…


T.C. said...

i happy for you that you have reached that level and that many times we grow in passion but that love bond doesn't grow at the same level or for him to be pass that point is awesome for your relationship

Anonymous said...

Male impotence is such a nightmare that every man shudders to think of it. But still the fact is that every man has to confront with it at one point of his life for some or the other reason. A mans psychology plays a great role in the sexual relationship of a man.

Anonymous said...

Thats very interesting that he has said to you theres more emotion when having sex missionary or riding. My fiance says the same EXACT thing, but I never really gave any thought until reading your post, that was GREAT!

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