Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Once Again Its On...

I could hardly sleep most of last night; I had too much on my mind. The most pressing issue would be work; last week shit hit the fan and I had to have an emergency talk with our company’s V.P. since the CEO was on a week long vacation. I had to tell him effective immediately I no longer wished to be the assistant to my boss. The week was a sneak peak trip to hell. I guess my boss had an epiphany and realized how bad she’s been fucking up lately. So all last week, she started sending me reprimanding and heavy criticism emails. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. See, I am no stranger to this bullshit corporate plantation game.

Now that the heat is on her, she’s trying to throw me under the bus. Any and everything that has gone wrong on her time is always someone else’s fault. I’ve seen this behavior before, the only problem is black on black crime is the worst. I swear we can be our own worst enemy. I’ve tried to help this woman as a “friend”, and now that she’s feeling threatened she’s trying to tarnish my work performance. What’s sad is all that’s happening bad in her life is a direct result of her actions or lack there of. There was never a need to set her up because she did such a great job on her own. The only thing I am guilty of is trying to assist her even when her prideful ass continued to keep me in the dark.

My V.P. tried to get me to understand that my talent/skills are much needed on her team. Shit I know that, but she’s the one who wants to pretend like she has everything in control. Its ugly people, and it sucks to have that kind of working environment. Who knows how the week will play out (thank God its short)? I am not at all worried, he promised me “job security”, but I was never worried about my job. To be honest I know as well as the key players know how much of an asset I am to the company. Not to mention I am one of few employees who has a genuine interest in our business. It’s just ashamed that women can be so insecure and constantly trying to take each other out. I will not tolerate this bullshit in my company.

So first thing this morning we have our bullshit “team meeting”, and I have to be the bigger person and attend, even though I want off this team. Hopefully this will be my last “team meeting”. Here’s to a great week!


T.C. said...

well i think talking to the VP was a very strategic move...a smart move in fact it was strategic and sets you up nicely, just keep doing what you do, the truth will always come out

YoungBlackBeauty said...

Good luck with that Ms. Confessions. It's getting ugly indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why we women tend to be so critical and harsh toward one another. If we put all that catty b.s. aside, we would be able to accomplish so much.

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