Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and The City

Yes, I admit I am a huge fan of this show and now movie. Yes, I preordered movie tickets, organized a girl’s night out, and even bought an outfit for the movie. I couldn’t help myself. This is the ULTIMATE chick flick; it truly doesn’t get any better. The purpose of this post isn’t to discuss the show nor the movie, but rather my experience during the opening weekend.

So on Friday afternoon I went to the mall and spent $300 on my outfit (don’t judge me, lol). I used the movie as justification to buy the dress and shoes that I will enjoy on many occasions to follow. So we ended up getting tickets to the 10:45pm show (the only time left) at a studio and movie grill. There was a huge crowd in the theater’s main lobby (not trying to purchase tickets) waiting to be seated. It was like a concert or waiting in line at an amusement park. There were so many women dressed to kill (including me) all to see a movie-not the premier. There were also a large number of gay men as well (not surprisingly).

This movie is fantastic and it was exciting to be a part of moment that goes down in movie history. When will people ever again go out of their way to see a movie, organize group activities to see the damn movie, and on top of all of that get all dressed up to sit on your ass a little over two hours, lol.


T.C. said...

it was totally an awesome experince! i went alone on Sunday afternoon, after church so i was dressed up a little myself...i think the thing i loved the most were all the women, all ages, all shapes and sizes and colors, all to partake in ONE event, TOGETHER! it was awesome!

Blu Jewel said...

I've never been a big fan of the show; however, my long standing crush on Chris Noth is what got me interested in watching it from time to time.

While I doubt I'll go all out (it would be passe now anyway) to see the movie, I think I'll go on Friday night just to see my crush on the big screen. *smile*

Post a pic of you in your hot outfit/shoes.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u know i never saw that show. anywho hope u dont mind the drive by sister

YoungBlackBeauty said...

I got jazzed up for the movie while my friend was stressed looking for an outfit. I really enjoyed it though. There was group of like 15 wives that hopped out a stretch limo all jazzed up to see the movie. It was crazy.

I must see this $300 outfit!

j.a.c. said...

My office was privy to a private screening in which all of my co-workers were dressed to the nines. I didn't plan on going because I had a hair appointment, but I ended up taking off the next day and rescheduling my hair appointment. LOL. It was that serious. It was a great movie.

PreciousGem-Head to Toe Quality said...

I love that you dressed up that is so hot! What did you wear?

TwentyTwo said...

My friends and I did the same thing. The movie was great! Definitely one for the fans and a great movie/girlfriend experience.

Ms. Confessions said...

t.c.:Exactly, I love the unity. That show/movie is colorless, gender friendly, and appeals to all walks of life.

Blu- Yes, Chris is so nice looking and I love his character. Me and my crew suck ass, we didn’t even take pictures (lol). However, I will be rocking that bad boy a few more times. ☺

Torrance- thanks for the drive by. It’s not too late to catch on the SATC madness ☺

Younblackbeauty- Was it not fun to see people go all out? I’ll take a picture the next I rock my fit.

j.a.c-I am not mad at you! Lol. Yes, by far the BEST movie in a while. The bar has been risen for 2008’s films. Its not always about killing people and superheroes ☺

preciousgem- I got you covered on the outfit, lol.

Twentytwo- the questions are: What female didn’t see this movie? Followed by: If not, what the hell is wrong with you? ☺

Beautiful said...

That sound so cute. I didn't go see the movie yet..I want to see it DVD form. I will do a big event when I get it in my hot little hands. I don't have friend who are fans of the show ( I know I have so boring folks). SATC was my guilty pleasure when I was married. I glad to see someone who experience the frenzy!!

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