Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Age of the Blackberry

I found the following text conversation so amusing yet interesting how much technology has replaced the lost art of personal contact communication.

Me: I thought I’d let you know my oral presentation yesterday to the board of directors of the Texas Scottish Rite went fabulous… couldn’t have done it without you…haha

*side note the last line of this text was written with a 100% sarcasm, it’s a long story and really of no relevance only the outcome*

Mr. Older VP MBA: That’s why your degree will have your name on it and not mine.

Me: What’s funny is that project had absolutely nothing to do with my curriculum. It was an optional side project. Also to refresh your memory I am not working on my MBA but rather a Masters in Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Older VP MBA: **crickets**

So I decided to end our conversation on this note…

Me: On a finale note.. (seriously).
Too bad your response to my initial text wasn’t congratulations, unlike everyone else. You really need to relax (either from some ass or a joint), eat a slice of humble pie, and trust that there are times when you’re blessed to meet cool people. Life is too short to be an arrogant and condescending asshole with nothing more to themselves than a pretty degree, fancy title, and a polished resume. I only hit you up to see if you may have changed or perhaps became aware of how you come across to people. But I see you’re not. You may want to practice the art of charm and charisma; the key is to make others feel good about themselves in your company; not boasting endlessly about yourself. And yes, this was very necessary for me to bring to your attention.
Smooches Papi!


Black Mamba said...

Did he respond to you last text??? What'd he say?
I'm very nosy, BTW, lol

Blu Jewel said...

Whoa! I, too would be curious to how he responded to that.


T.C. said...

well aiight....

Ms. Confessions said...

There NO response, and I knew he would have nothing to say.

After all, what could he say? But it felt great to take him down a notch. Especially when you're not all of that to begin with.

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