Monday, March 03, 2008

Like Pandemonium

If you’re not excited about the times we’re living in, then get your head out of your ass. Are these the millennium days of JFK? It’s getting down to the wire here in Texas. I am so amazed at the high level of excitement and interest in this presidential election. Its like you’re not even cool if you have no opinion about who should be the next president.

It’s refreshing to have conversations with my peers on topics other than pop culture. In my opinion this newfound interest in the election has to be credited to one special person- OBAMA. While Hilary is great and I am all for women being leaders, It ‘s really Barack who’s bought us back to the basics in regards to voting. The privilege of voting is about the people and our voices.

Yesterday my friend and I attended a town hall meeting in Dallas. Guest speakers included Governor Janet Napolitano and Senator Chris Dodd. They were speaking on why they support Barack Obama. It was pretty cool to see Senator Dodd up-close and in person, I’m use to seeing him on TV giving his commentaries. The vibe of the room was great. The crowd was a true testament that Obama brings people together. All walks of life were represented in the audience. Here are a few shots I wanted to share. Understand people, we are making history right now and its freaking great.

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T.C. said...

these are in deed truly exciting times...let's get it!

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