Monday, February 11, 2008

Ms. Confessions’ World Straight to the Point…

I got a B on my first accounting exam in grad school (Go Me!).

I have another exam this Saturday (same class). Wish me luck.

My cash flow statements are due next Wednesday, for my starting a business class.

Module A is over next week. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day even though I don’t have one. (lol)

I can’t wait to vote in the primary next month. I love you Obama!

Is it wrong to have dreams about a presidential candidate? Don’t get me wrong I love Obama for his political views, but he’s so HOT to me as well.

I’ve recently discovered the correlation between the men I am attracting and my inner perception of what it is I want from a man. I say I don’t want to be in a relationship, so naturally I attract men I don’t want to have relationships with. Rephrasing current dating wish list: I want a relationship, just not ready to be married.

I believe I finally ended a relationship that shouldn’t have been brought into 2008. Still living and learning.

As a result of Mr. 38 yrs old MBA pissing me off, I chose to play a little game to amuse myself. I know its childish, but fuck it- its funny to me (to be continued).

I am still very much enthusiastic about this year and all that’s bound to happen.I already see the progression (Go Me!)

Alright, I must study and work on my schoolwork now. Peace Out..


shurgood said...

Congrats on the B on your exam!

T.C. said...

Congrats on your exam! I know you will do well...

BeautyinBaltimore said...

You better watch how you look at Obama cause Michelle looks like she will cut something up.

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