Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What’s In My Dating Changer…

My dating changer has the capacity to hold up to 8 people. However, there are currently 4 in rotation that I am either rocking to or simply listening to their album (feeling them out). They are as followed:

Mr. Godiva: (Yes, I am still talking to him). Things are steady and constant, while I don’t have too much invested in us mentally. He’s easily accessible and I enjoy his company. It’s now going on 8 months of “relating”, and there is absolutely no forecast for we’re going next month-let alone next year. Our relationship is built off good communication, honesty, and flexibility. I do have feelings for him, but there’s a little bit of history that has caused me to built up my guard as it pertains to him. (Check out the Godvia Chronicles)

Mr. Flirt- is a new guy with a contract still pending. We haven’t reached a deal as far as officially getting to know each other. We make passes at each other almost everyday. I finally gave him my number the other day. I asked him to go out for drinks, yet I haven’t set a day. He’s quite the charmer and his mysterious demeanor intrigues me. I know he’s very active in church and has been for a long time (20 plus yrs). He’s another older gentlemen, by the way. He’s in his 50s. Despite the fact that he’s an active Christian, he’s extremely flirtatious and not in a blatant or obvious way. He’s very respectful and his carefree and easygoing lifestyle captivates me.

Mr. Client- the name says it all. He’s a client in one of my centers. He’s from Mexico and their company opened a branch office in Dallas (my center). He’s so hot! He has that accent, clean-cut look, and his scent is to die for. He’s so sexy and it's effortless for him. Initially, I was just doing my job and providing excellent client service (wink). But then I noticed little things about him. I also noticed the closing remarks he would leave in work related emails. Again, nothing to obvious; but definitely not phrases you would say to just any one. Some of our emails:

Thank you Dear Ms. Confessions, you are adorable!!!
Do you think is easy to find the invoice of this box inside for scanning it?
I owe you something that you want from México, just tell me.
Best Regards
Mr. Client

I didn’t ask for anything specific (oh I did say a hot and single guy). He did however, bring back a pair of lovely sterling silver earrings and here’s in response to my thank you email.

Dear Ms. Confessions Good Morning!
Forgive me for answering now; like you said I am traveling even now I have to go back to Mexico. Of course it would be great sharing lunch or something with you in my next visit.It was just a little detail but with a lot of gratitude and admiration.
See you soon,
Mr. Client

Mr. Christian- I was introduced to this guy through mutual male friend. We haven’t even met in person yet. This is the first blind date since forever. I value the physical chemistry when meeting a person initially in person. He’s 32 years old and is living a celibate life going on 11 months now. He’s ready to settle down and looking for Ms. Right. I’m not turned off by the fact that’s he’s celibate. In fact, I think it shows tremendous strength to have that type of will power. During our first conversation I was open about not necessarily looking to settle down and not currently active in church. However, I am always on the constant pursuit of becoming a better woman. I’m not sure when we’ll meet up and we don’t really talk everyday. It’s been a week now and we’ve had three phone conversations. For some reason I’m not in a big hurry or rush with him. But there’s definitely a few posts on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

It's great to have choices. Enjoy every minute, and keep having fun as always! BTW, I'm not even rocking a single at the moment, so I'm LOVING the fact that you have an entire playlist! How sweet! Keep shining! :)

Joanne said...

Wow. The most I've ever considered at one time was 5 (this past year)...and that put a strain on my social life with balancing getting to know them, hanging out with my own friends, and taking care of residents. 8 is..wow, lols.

I think it's good you're still talking and enjoying Mr. Godiva's company, but I find it great that there are 3 other potentials as well! =)

j.a.c. said...

lol. this was great. i loved reading about the differences in these guys personalities. lol. well.. i know that you're not choosing.. but i know who i would pick!! (smile)

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