Sunday, December 17, 2006

An Observation: Nite out on the town..

After this week I must admit I am ready for News Years, just because I’ve had Christmas celebrations all week including last night (the owner of my company’s annual holiday party). So considering recent circumstances; I have been a great sport with keeping up my energy and enthusiasm during this festive time of year.

So Friday night, my friend and I decided to go out for drinks and listen to some good music. The night turned out to be fun for my friend and I (we’ll always have a good time no matter what). But I must say I was a little disturbed by the selection of men I was exposed to during the night. In fact, I was so amazed at the “common” characteristics I decided to write about it.

The Unavailable Man: This is a guy who is out on the town with his “woman” or date. Yet, he so openly acknowledges a woman he finds attractive despite who’s in his present company. It’s one thing to glance, smile and move on; but we found guys staring or even turning their heads to capture a complete view. So as the woman being admired am I expected to be grimy or so thirsty for attention that I'll slide my number your way on the slick? I think NOT.

The Grown Ass Moocher: I decided to bring in an expensive cigar someone gave me who owns a cigar shop. (I’m a new social cigar smoker; I guess I love the look). So we’re over by the bar getting the cigar ready and run into some gentlemen. The conversation was your typical club convo. I was feeling festive so I let one of the guys hit my cigar. This guy tried to hold on to my cigar the entire night. I had to keep asking for my shit back. After about 30 mins of him blowing my stuff and talking about nothing; I asked if he could buy me a drink. And of course he gets hesitant and starts giving excuses. My purpose wasn’t to trick a drink (I had purse full of cash). But it’s social courteous for you to offer me a drink ESPECIALLY since you enjoyed smoking my fabulous cigar. It’s only right! Later on my friend came to the conclusion that he may have been broke and couldn’t afford a drink. Which may explain why he was awfully impressed with my cigar (don't have access to the good shit). Sorry not looking for any dependents to take care of.

The Down Low Suspect: After my good friend found out her man has homosexual tendency (will post later) I am ultra suspect of the down low man. While we were chilling at this place, my gaydar kept going off. Some men just seemed obvious to me. My new getting to know you questions do include: Are you gay? Have you ever fucked a man, or sucked dick? Have you ever found a man attractive?

The Rude Dude: This is the guy who thinks his “game” is so tight he can talk any female like what the hell ever. I was either “pssst at or men just grabbing my arm. But the man who stood out the most approached me while I was leaving heading to my car. I noticed his custom painted Escalade with 24s, and screens inside creep slow by me. He has his windows down and says “Give me your number now!” I looked at him (I was properly buzzed and feeling good) and said “WOW” in my extra sarcastic tone while continuing to get in my car. He even had to laugh at his obnoxious demand and looked a little puzzled by the rejection.

While I understand currently there’s a fucked up ratio between quality black men and black women. I refuse to believe this is all single women have to choose from. I’m not going to spend time with a guy who is disrespectfully watching other woman while he’s with me; just to say I have a man. Or become some grown ass man’s corporate sponsor (especially if I can’t write your ass off at the end of the year).


The Mistress said...

Girl, you have this shit down to a science.

Especially this: "The Rude Dude: This is guy who thinks his “game” is so tight he can talk any female like what the hell ever"


Ick. They get nothing but attitude from me.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Be careful about sharing things like cigars, you never no where homeboys mouth has been.

T.C. said...

As always your break down of the game is on careful with the cigar, I must admit that I smoke cigar as well, and I NEVER share them with a stranger, and rarely with someone I know...STDS are carried in the mouth and things...just be careful...

My weekend was uneventful OTHER than the party my BF SBoo had for her 26th birthday...that was GREAT! Other than that...same old same old for me...LOL

BluJewel said...

yeah girl, be careful with sharing your oral stuff. i can't dispute anything you've said here. in fact i can add one, the Now You Owe Me Man - he's the one who thinks because he offered to buy you a drink, you accepted, and now you're HIS for the night...NOT! i'm more than sure we're all worth SO MUCH MORE than a $10 drink.

Fortunately for me, i've never limited myself to dating only black men. But I must add that drama and bullshit come regardless of race.

Tired of being broke said...

Great post. LOL at the rude one, he probably thought he was gonna get your number. I can only imgaine the kinds of women that routine works on.

DivineLavender said...

Remember all these dude have a corporate sponsor the WOMAN or WOMEN paying for the night out, the truck, and the cover for broke ass dude.

Just because you ask a man if he is on "the down low" (I despise that term because generally it is implied that these men are BLACK and destroying our community-enough of that blame crap) do you actually think they will tell you the truth? No...just like a straight man will lie about being faithful. A liar is a liar regardlesss if he is straight, broke, married, bisexual, employed, unemployed, etc, etc.

Girl you are bad...I thought I was the only one that enjoys a smooth cigar!

Do you!

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