Friday, December 15, 2006

An Inquring Mind Wanted to Know...

Some people choose the truth even though it causes sadness, others would willingly live a life of illusion and lies.
Which one are you?
Inquring Mind: What type of relationship do you guys have?
Ms. Confessions: We started off as jump offs, but over time we developed a solid friendship. We’ve agreed to always maintain an open and honest line of communication. We were each other’s confidant with a strong and unusual level of physical attraction.We’ve endured many trials and tribulations that most friends go through. I’ve been there for him, just as he’s been there for me.

Inquring Mind: How long have you guys been friends?
Ms. Confessions: 3 years
Inquring Mind: Were you aware of his girlfriend?
Ms. Confessions: Yes, I was. I never really consider myself a threat to their relationship. My objective was to never entangle myself in their lives. The goal wasn't to get in her place. In fact, I’ve always had a feeling of apprehension because of his commitment issues. As time went on I became exposed to the core my friend. He has a great heart and deep down means very well. However, there are a few inner demons he needs to battle before he can give himself to any woman in his life. But I have absolute faith; he’ll be a great man to the right woman.
Inquring Mind: Do you love him?
Ms. Confessions: Of course I love him. You cant’ deal with a person for 3 years and have no feelings for that person. But it’s a healthy love. I’m not willing to compromise my character for us to be together. I love him in a way to admit his happiness may not be found through me. I love him in a way; where I want the best for him. He’ll always have a place in my heart, but I would never evoke my emotions on him. It’s a two way street.

Inquring Mind: Does his relationship with his girlfriend ever bother you?
Ms. Confessions: Bother is a strong word. Yes, there were times when I found myself feeling a cringe with casual mentions of her. He never threw their relationship in my face. But as friends we often discussed each others days or happenings. On my end I always kept things in perspective, I didn’t spend a lot of time festering over their relationship. As a friend you want them to enjoy all aspects of their life. I did question their purpose at one time, but some things are just not meant for you to understand. Everyone is in total control of the path in life you decide to take.

Inquiring Mind: Where are you two now as it relates to your friendship?
Ms. Confessions: We’re cool. He’s doing his thing and I am doing mine. Things recently got a little hectic. So space and time is the best remedy to our current mishaps. We have a unique relationship and I think it’s been beneficial for both of us. You can only hope and pray God blesses you with people who add substance to your life. And he does just that.

Are we clear now?


TC said...

It is what it is....I always say...
give me TRUTH even if it may cause sadness...I needs to know what the real deal is...
You handled it really did...what can you say...she called she wanted to you gave it to her...nothing more nothing less...hopefully she got her answers and will make her own decision...

C said...

BluJewel gave it to her straight no chaser, if she can't handle it, then fuck her! She's not your issue and if she thinks she's grown, then she should step to her man and duke it out with him. As for you my dear, I think you handled yourself rather well and like a lady. ^5

Views of Diversified Mind said...

so Im guessing that was Ms. lady. Im trying to figure out how the two above figured that out... I guess im on some other stuff at this moment...

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