Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I LoVe L.A. (or do I?)...

Every time I visit my hometown I am amazed at how much I’ve outgrown the city I once thought the world revolved around. This is why I strongly suggest people see the world or at least the next state over. Only in L.A. (or any other extremely superficial place) will you find:

Everyone is SOMEONE
Everyone knows SOMEONE who knows SOMEONE
Everyone is in the ENTERTAINMENT industry
A BENTLEY in the lane next to you every other mile
Women with obvious ENHANCED work

Wack ass Suge Knight at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel
OVER PRICED housing market
Everyone is in REAL ESTATE (a new occupation of choice)
“Celebrities” doing normal everyday things
Keeping up with the JONES is a way of life
People standing in ridiculously long lines for a hotdog because it’s trendy
Everyone has a Gucci, Fendi , or LV bag regardless of what had to be sacrificed to get it
The high level of unnecessary competitiveness (when everyone is one check from being Poor)
A city full of Glitz and Glam with a touch of inner city gang violence
Everyone has a hidden agenda, and will use you to further their own cause


lovelyjd said...

yeah. its unfortunate. i am from the northeast...and there is a lot of fakery going on in 'lost' angeles. But truthfully (or luckily) i don't really hang (nor have i met many) of those who choose tom fool-ery as a way of life....perhaps it is the energy one puts out...?

The Mistress said...

That sounds like one place I could never live in. Too much BS going on. I like living in a place where it's acceptable and normal to be myself and live according to my means and NOT above them!

Blu Jewel said...

I'm with Mistress on this. There's drama and BS everywhere you go, but it does seem so excessive in LA. I'll visit again, but it could never be somewhere I'd wanna be for a long time.

Malinda said...

with all of that being said, L.A. still has some good green dawg! But I'd never live there.

Brianna said...

Stop hating on LA!

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