Thursday, October 26, 2006

WTF Thursday (I’m out this bitch edition)

Why the f*** didn’t I just NOT show up on Nov 1st? (I swear my conscience gets the best of me)

Who the f*** else wants to walk out on their job on the 1st? (I’m staging a nation wide walk out, LOL)

Who the f*** are you voting for? (I say any name that doesn’t end w/ (R))

Why the f*** are rich Americans and celebrities adopting foreign kids? (As if there are not plenty of American orphans who need a home)

Who the f*** is out buying RED products courtesy of Bono’s AIDS campaign? (I can’t front I want a RED iPod and a pair of RED chucks)

Why the f*** are we so quick to save other countries yet we neglect to save America? (I am still pissed off about Hurricane Katrina)

Who the f*** cares if gay people want to get married? (Heterosexual couples aren’t setting very good examples either)

When the f*** will Naomi Campbell learn to NOT hit others? (F*** rehab, how about some anger management sessions)

Who the f*** believes Bush has plan to fight “Terrorism”? (LOL)

What the f***, Exxon posts 2nd largest quarterly profits. (I wonder how)

What the f*** is on your mind?


BluJewel said...

LMBAO! OMG, this is frikkin hilarious.

Why the f***
am I in complete agreeance with everything you've said here. Cause you're right.

My WTFs...
am I sitting here listening to someone tell me their personal biz that I don't care about

am I sooo happy that I'll be done for the day soon and won't be back til Monday

am looking forward to the gross indulgences I plan to engage in this weekend

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Naomi just need a sista like myself for an assistant. I hit back! All she needs is one good beat down and she won't be throwing any more phones.

toya said...

umm.I agree, I want that RED im convincing myself if i buy it, its for a good cause so why not,lol

Shai said...

I wish a had a f***** job. Being unemployed for almos 6 months. Suck. Be glad you have a job.

Tired of being broke said...

Souther gal I came in to say the exact same thing. That b**** needs to get someone to kick her a** good and she will came down.

Do people drive like they are blind.

Am I still broke.

Do I have to pay soo much in damn taxes.

That b**** not stop, she end up hitting my car.

beautyinbaltimore said...

For some reason I still love Naomi Campbell.

T.C. said...

WTF*** I was out sick with my cyst issue and I come back to a "write up" due to my absence...

WTF*** did I just look at my supervisor and say..."I know you are in a tough spot trying to be supportive and dealing with others...and I thank you for all of your support! But to be quit honest with all that I have gone through this is small to me...I will come to work and do what I have to do and keep moving.."

WTF*** do I just think there are other things that I need to be concerned with...

Views of Diversified Mind said...

Why the f***
am I still confused on what I want to do in life as far as a career. I had my heart set on it and now I have not a clue?

Why in the f***
do I keep falling for these men that I am not going anywhere with?

What the f*** is wrong with people in this world today that make it to the top and don't give a f*** about anyone else?

What the f*** am I going to do to completely stop thinking about my child's father and how everything that went down in the end makes absolutely no since to me even over time I can't let it go; seems as if the anger just continues to build up?

Where in the f*** is all the money? and why in the f*** are all the top dawgs & big wigs getting it?

Where in the f*** are my pink stillettoes!?!?! I saw them the other day and today I have no idea!

What the f*** is this world coming to?...

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