Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Worried About The Wrong Things...


With some much going on in our pop and political culture, it’s hard to ignore and pretend the world is okay. As many of you may already know there is a petition circulating the internet in regards to Beyonce’s “Déjà vu” video being redone. While I am not an active fan of Beyonce I respect the woman she is and no doubt will say the girl is talented, and I support any woman doing her thing in a positive and productive way. My issue isn’t so much her video; it’s not at all as big of a deal as these bored fans are making it. The bases of the petition are as followed:

A) There is no clear story or theme to the video
B) The dancing is erratic, confusing and alarming at times
C) The sexual themes and shots between Ms. Knowles and Mr. Sean Carter PKA Jay-Z, are alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two
D) The fashion in this video, while haute-couture, is unbelievable and ridiculous
E) The editing, while professionally done, causes one to get dizzy and disoriented
F) The overall feel of the video leaves a sense of much to be desired
G) The video is very disappointing and is not a clear representation of any of the songs themes

My questions is where are these concerned consumers when Ying Yang, Lil Jon, and any other rap artist is shooting a music video that is obviously more offensive than any video Beyonce could make? In reference to item letter C are you freaking kidding me? I swear we’ve seen worst in videos and at least they’re in a relationship. To me the person responsible for this petition appears to be more of a hater than a person concern about the contents of music video. Again, why Beyonce when there’s a million more to choose from. Since we’re in the mood to speak on our unhappiness with the music industry how about we petition the real culprits of tacky and offensive videos?

In other pop culture events, am I the only one NOT feeling BET’s new reality show line up? I watched Latoya’s show last night and like Keyshia Cole’s show it amazes me how non articulate we can be regardless of our social status. What happen to the Motown mentality when it came to grooming your artist? Motown would actually enroll their talents in finishing school. I am not asking for all artists to hold college degrees, but it is their (or their reps) responsibility to teach/coach them on public speaking and proper grammar. It’s not about being a sell out, it’s about being understood. If you are going to be in the public eye and have the nerve to have a reality show, it would be in your best interest to at least appear as if you passed high school English. “You know what I’m Sayin’?”…


The Mistress said...
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The Mistress said...

I saw Beyonce's video and although I agree that it sucks, it doesn't warrant that type of correspondence! It ain't that deep! People need to get a life.

Oh and I 100% agree about the new breed of artists. Bad grammar, limited vocabulary = ghetto ass recipe for disaster.

A woman on the move said...

@ the mistress
Reading is fundamental, LOL

Anonymous said...

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