Sunday, July 30, 2006

Am I Single In The Wrong City? The Big Experiment… has rolled out their annual top 40 cities for single. And of course the current city I am residing in (Dallas) is number 29on the list. My hometown city L.A. is ranked 19th on the list. Apparently for the third consecutive time Denver remains number 1. But something tells me if I were to live there, I would still be single. So what is one suppose to do after reading this list? Should I consider moving to one of the top five cities in hopes of finding my dream man? I don't think so!
  • Best Cities for Singles

  • To no surprise you will find in this social news section an interesting article on how to land a rich man. Why be single in a city and not aim for a rich man? Perhaps, this is why I am single in Dallas. I’m feeling an experiment on the horizon. So after reading this article I should be armed and ready to land me a “rich” man. I am curious to see if there’s any truth behind these insightful tips. So let the hunt begin! I would like to think a man of such prestige and class would smell a gold digger a mile away. But then again men will always fall victim to an attractive young woman who’s not afraid to articulate what she wants. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my new experiment. I need some new entertainment in my life right now…
  • How To Land A Rich Man

    Peabo DeBarge said...

    i can't get on the denver see what happened to kobe bean bryant. nigga went to get his knee scoped and came back with a rape charge. i'll pass.

    A woman on the move said...

    @George Jefferson- I feel you 100% on Denver, LOL

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